Daw controllers

Daw controllers

Some people dont realise you can just hit touch in most DAWS and you can automatically automate any fx using a mouse .Definitely can get the creative juice flowing

I have been leaning towards a touch screen for the last 6 months or so. But, I just picked up a v1 Faderport yesterday off Reverb.com for a great deal! It looks barely used and in super condition. I’ve been watching these literally for years but have never bought because I just wasn’t sure if it would help my workflow. But when I saw this one I just couldn’t say “no”.

I’m planning to use it exactly as Lophophora says here. Now, if I can get used to it and if it works well out remains to be seen… :wink:

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I read a couple of reviews as well, and I am drawing the same conclusion. I can probably get one second hand for about 70-80 euro’s. I’m guessing if it was a really shoddy controller it would have already been returned, so rolling the dice for second hand migh be worth the risk.