David Tyo Long Way Home

Its the studio one. And I use protools!

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Great work on this song! I mixed it as well, and I can see at least one major mistake I made when I listen to your mix (namely: leaving the steel guitar behind).

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Nice mix, Taylor. Where your first mix, to my ears, was too dry on the vocals, the second is too wet. Personal taste, but I think the vox are too heavy with verb.

Andrew had an awesome post somewhere where he explained what he meant above when he commented about more space behind the vox. Check out his comments on the @miked’s Backroom in Tulsa mix. Post #12 and following. He talks about using pre-delay and eq on the verb in more detail. I won’t elaborate here, cuz ya just need to read his post. :slight_smile:

I agree the drums also have a bit too much verb. Outside of the reverb stuff, this is a great mix. Pleasant to listen to. Well-balanced. Nice job, man.

I will check that out. I have done a couple new passes and I think I addressed the space issue. Just havent posted because I dont know what the etiquette is on oversaturing the site with my “new” mixes. Love all the resources here from everyone!

No comments yet. I’m trying not to get sick of the song before I finish mixing it. I’ll hop in and give a listen as soon as mine is “done”.

Don’t worry about “over-saturating”. Sometimes it’s best to get your revisions up quickly before the thread gets buried… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Looking forward to your next revision.

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Hey Taylor, have you got a revision coming? Maybe I’ll wait to comment on that?

Yeah im out of town until Tuesday so Ill throw it up then.

In Michigan for my buddys wedding!

Alright heres my revision 2

Kinda over it now after taking a break.

I actually automated 5 or 6 vcas simaltaneously for the first time. was fun!
I can’t really hear too much of a difference, except maybe it feels a little more like a band playing…

Also I bypassed the 2bus comp this pass, it seemed a littler more open.

can’t wait to check your guys out!

Here we go Taylor. I think it helps me to wait until after I’ve mixed a song so I’m more familiar with the parts. Although, admittedly, you DO get a subjective critique. But I guess all of them are to some extent, right? Anyway… listening now.

  • Interesting choice to pan the initial lead to the right. I’m not sure that would be my preference… The tones all sound really good though!
  • Then the vocal starts a little too quietly I think - but it sounds really good! Really good which is THE main thing for this song.
  • But yeah, I think it’s a little quiet… – OR – I don’t know how you have your bussing set up, but you might try side-chaining the “music buss” (if you’ve got one) - or the guitars and other mid-rangey stuff that fights for the same frequencies the vocals live in - to your lead vocal. That is, carve out some space in there to help the vocal stand out more. That will usually bring the vocal out without really turning it up…
  • I keep saying this on these mixes too, but I think the organ part may be a little loud - at least for me.
  • Verse 2 - I like the piano and steel guitar in the opposite channels. That works nicely. Good idea.
  • Interesting panning for the solo section too. I’m thinking it “should” be center stage because otherwise there’s nothing in the middle for focus other than the rhythm section. Then there’s that 2nd solo guitar part which I had a problem trying to figure out what to do with. With your panning choice however it sounds great when both are playing…

You did a really nice job on the vocals, but I do think they need to come forward a bit, especially for this genre and song. And I think your balances and tones sound pretty good too.

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