Dark Matter [working mix]

Always had plans on having an A.I generated music vid created for this track, and as a consequence have just been working through that very process right now.
So it turns out the A.I engine/algorithm can sync the video to the beat but it makes beat detection a lot smoother with a drum (heavy) mix, so i thought why not share it and give anyone who’d interested a bit of a look under the hood.
I basically just muted all the main guitar and vocal buses, in addition to turning down a few other elements that seemed to stick out a bit too much.

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The final mix turned out awesome! I’m still really digging the vibe. And your voice is great and so well recorded/mixed. I like how you go in and out of your gritty voice even within the same phrase.

What’s your vocal recording chain and mixing process?

Hey cheers, yeah I was fairly happy with the final result, was about as good as I could do anyway.
In regards to the vocals, I can’t take any credit for that, nor can I shed a lot of light into the tracking process, although I think he used a Shure SM7B.
The vocalist was a hired gun by the name of Brad West, and I would definitely recommend him if you’re in need of a singer for a project.
Great guy, great voice and extremely (unbelievably) competitive rates.

Hi @terryhesticles I’m late to the game here but your mix sounds great, good work on that. I’m confused about the video though, you mentioned an AI video and then you posted a drum only track? How does that all work anyway?

And then you posted a video of a different song ‘Back to Ruin’, what am I missing here?

Hey Ingolee, thanks mate. Yeah the drum and bass mix was made to help the A.I beat-detection process. Not having all the guitars and vocals makes it a bit easier for the algorithm to hold onto the beat.
And the vid’s still in the creation process and hopefully should be ready in the next few days. I just thought I’d put the stripped down mix up for interests sake.

Sorry that was in reply to @flyguitarfish, he was asking about the vocals, and the ‘Back To Ruin’ vid is the dude who sung on my tracks band.
Hope that clears up any confusion, cheers bud.

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That’s amazing stuff; I’d like to hear how all that works if you have a chance. Is it expensive?

The whole process can seem a little intimidating at first, but once you start actually delving into it, and watching a few different tutorials e.g ‘creating music videos with Stable Diffusion’, things start to make a bit more sense.
As with any program, you’re basically just setting specific parameters in conjunction with text and image prompts that tell the AI what you want it to create.

Here’s an example of a text prompt I used (within Disco Diffusion V5) and the resulting images created by the A.I., themed around my ‘Dark Matter’ track.

[“A three dimensional dystopian painting of evil elite businessmen and bankers, with vast tentacles that stretch around the earth controlling human beings like puppets by Zdzisław Beksiński, Trending on artstation. Depth of field.”, “dark grey color scheme”]

Dark Matter(1)_0000

In regards to cost, if you go have a look on say Fiverr and get a freelancer to make you a music video a pretty standard rate is around $100 U.S per minute so yeah it can get pretty pricey depending on the length of the track. Luckily I’ve found a guy who was willing to do it considerably cheaper.
Having said that, if you’ve got the time and the inclination you can do it all for free using the source code within Google collab, but there are limitations. Especially when it comes to quality GPU’s which are hosted and allocated to you by Google. A paid subscription gives you access to these stronger GPU’s and considerably increases processing power.
Hence the reason I outsourced the video creation process as I don’t really have the time or the inclination.

Here’s a tutorial to give you a bit of an idea at a nuts and bolts level.


Thanks for the explanation, it’s exciting stuff. I’m looking forward to seeing your video.

Very cool!

Vocals aside, if you ever want to collaborate let me know!

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For sure, sounds good.

Really digging the track. I always end up drawing comparisons to other things I like… and this makes me think of Porcupine Tree, Pure Reason Revolution, Abigail’s Ghost, etc. All in good ways. Not that it’s derivative or anything… just that I really dig this style of music. Mix sounds really great to me. The layers!

Hey cheers @skua glad you’re digging it. I think if a composition resonates with you it’s only natural to make comparisons with music that has similarities to our own personal preferences and tastes.
I’ve heard quite a few different comparisons(A Perfect Circle in particular) in regards to this number now, but definitely none of those, but I’ll take them all day long.

I saw the lyrics on this and knew I would find it interesting!

So, your lyrics and story are about a fictional reality, right? :joy: :joy: :joy:

Before this, I had come across a breakdown of the symbology of the movie “The Matrix”, which I was already familiar with, but it was a deeper dive. Lots to unpack there. This reminded me of a lot of those things (Red Pill/Blue Pill). And how the symbology represents real life much more than some of us would like to believe.

That seems like a good one.

I’m curious if you got any feedback from the mastering engineer on what he tweaked or modified in the track? And it looks like that’s based on your “final mix” in Post #14?

Haha, yeah mate, it’s just a crazy tinfoil-hat wackjob conspiracy story.
Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street e.g definitely do NOT hold majority shares and control (see: esg - environmental social governance) EVERY major company on the planet.
Do NOT go to Yahoo finance, pick ANY company and look under ‘holders’.

Nope, never. There is a box to leave notes when you start the job, but who the fuck am I to tell a mastering engineer what he should be doing, so I just leave it blank.
I guess if you asked they might give a bit of insight.

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No, they certainly do NOT. And I’ve got some prime real estate in the Florida Everglades for sale for anyone who is interested! :joy: :joy: :joy:

I’ve never contracted a mastering job, but my understanding of the process is that if you converse with the ME they’ll tell you the challenges of your mix, and how they will/did approach it. The challenges and solutions. Of course, these days it’s probably just a “one-and-done” approach, especially at very reasonable rates. They can/will tell you how your approach to compression/limiting either helped or hindered their process, as well as EQ and mix balance etc. Was it a breeze or did they have to fight it? I assume yours sailed through pretty easily, if there was no push-back.

I was just thinking that since you have a relationship with this company over time, there might be some back-and-forth and some feedback. My mentors always seemed to have that kind of relationship, but that was some years ago. Digital and societal changes have changed such things a bit - for better or worse.

Somehow I missed the final mastered version of this - great stuff!

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