Cable Maintenance... are you pro-active or reactive?

could the actual socket for the cable be loose on the monitor?

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It seems to be firmly in place but the fault is indicating a loose connection as it is still intermittent… and was fixing when I wriggled the cables… sometimes. The distortion tends to increase when i increase volume and low freqs. It is a bit of a mission for me to get gear fixed… will ask tech savvy husband to take the back panel off and have a look before I upload it down to the city and the menders. Will just check for any clear signs of loose connections. Thanks for your thoughts!! :smile:

If these are powered monitors, and the socket itself is not loose, then I hate to say you might have a problem with the actual amplifier that’s built into the monitor itself. I hate to say that this might be a headache to fix if you can’t get it fixed easily.

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plus as I didn’t buy it from a registered dealer, it’s more tricky to get fixed blah blah…
so I am going to try for being an ostrich and burying my head into the sand…
it’s hard to tell how long I’ve had the problem as it’s been an odd one with a number of other things that I have blamed and fixed and it has come and gone. Yesterday it was cutting out all the time, today it seems to work…
But I have found a place that could fix it, maybe, it’s just a two hour drive and leave it there more blah blah poos :slight_smile:

Have him look for cracked or cold solder joints on the connectors and circuit board.

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will do… thanks!!

I can’t tell you how many pieces of gear have magically started working again for me. I had a black streak up and down my screen the other day, and it disappeared yesterday and hasn’t returned. But will it???

2 hours both ways? Cant you just mail it to them?

Ahh… not really… by the time I drive into the post office I might as well drive the extra distance plus the packaging of it is a pain…
thanks for the thoughts though :slight_smile:

Thinking of oyu. Good luck.

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