Break out your tie dyed t shirt and bell bottoms

Both great. Nice work! Superb singing my goodness!

between the two mixes, I prefer 1.
though vocals need a bit of driving and a flat iron in some parts in number 1 to cut through a bit better.

Vocals are too isolated in #2 i think it is a color issue. Something is not agreeing. Is the vocal routed directly to the master channel?

First, thanks very much.
On the second mix I used an automated hi pass filter to remove plosives, and fiddled with the reverb a bit.
The main thing I did was drop the guitar master a touch, which brought the vocals up, but at the expense of the focus on the little flourishes on the chords, which was one of Jimi’s greatest talents.
The drums are EZ Drummer 2. I did change the kit in the software and I think I overdid the ambience, so the cymbals are splashing around more, which could be a distraction.
I’m going to do one more pass at it to smooth it out and get the proportions right. I really was just slapping together a demo for the band to use for practice, but I was happy enough with it to share it with a really quick mix that needed more thought.