Black Friday 2017

Black Friday 2017


That’s what I believe to be the case with all products. These sales people and business people know how to market their stuff, and sales, time limited offers, etc, are all psychological motivation for their potential buyers. That’s the reason I usually wait it out until big sales happen. Even then, I’m very cautious with my spending.


I’m interested to see what you think of those plugins. Especially the vocal bundle and the CLA1176.


Yeah, just wait a week or so and they’ll have another sale going. The big difference with black friday for them is that they have so many marked down at once. Otherwise, you’ll see most of their plugins marked down weekly in groups of 1-3. It’s not difficult to get most of those for a significantly lower price.

They’ve kinda shot themselves in the foot by offering those deals so frequently. It has definitely devalued their products. It’s just silly to pay full price for any of their plugins at this point.

my 2 cents


I think it’s been years since anybody has paid full price for any waves plugin. I don’t think there’s any way around it for them. I’m pretty sure they’re making more money off these sales than they’ve made in the past. I know I’ve given waves more money this year than I ever have. People don’t spend $300 on a single plugin any more. There’s no reason to. I know exactly how the pricing game works, and even I look at the plugins on sale and think “oh, that one was only $150 full price? Probably not as good a deal as the one that is normally $300.”

But, that said, I’m quite happy I bought the plate reverb and waves-tune. Both sound great, and both accomplish things I couldn’t otherwise accomplish as well.


I ended up caving and getting 5 new Waves plugins for $100. I got the SSL Buss Comp, the Abbey Road Plate Verb, the API 2500 comp, the EMI TG12345 Channel Strip, and they threw in the Manny Maroquin Reverb as a “freebee”… not a bad deal all up.


How’s the EMI strip so far?


I haven’t used it yet.


If you need some plugins, now is a big bargain time, some ending very soon!

I was able to grab several-

1- Ends tonight 12/1!

So far I am liking them. The Imperial Delay on my vocals on Solar Dune Racing sounds pretty good with minimal tweaking, considering I don’t know what I’m doing at all. If you need that sort of thing, these are a steal.

2- Jamstix 4 just released and on sale through December!

I had Jamstix 3 Studio and upgraded to 4. For me Jamcussion, the extra drummers, drum sets, and styles was worth it. I replaced the drums in a new song with JS4. It was easy, just had to get used to a friendlier GUI, but it was a tiny hurdle. The drums themselves sound pretty good, maybe better than before (also on Solar Dune Racing).

3- $29 who knows how long?

I thought this was a bargain to beef up my bass sounds. This has a lot of great presets, is really easy to use and is also in Solar Dune Racing.

4- Sugar Bytes Guitarist Alas price went up from $59 to $119

Frankly, this is both really cool and a pain in the ass. It is, I must say, also in Solar Dune Racing. The cool part is how it has a lot of preset patterns and offers complex sequencing settings. I’m still getting the hang of it. It seems that I almost have to create a Reaper project and record as audio track the generated riff and save it as 8 or 16 bars to use different patterns as it only wants to start at bar 1. That method happens to work OK, actually, just a little weird for me. I consider these kind of Midi instruments a new challenge for song crafting, not as simple as it sounds.

So here is the demo song recorded today, if you want to hear the end result.


Thanks, Steban. You’ve stayed on top of this thing.


You know, I tried to find a thread like this but somehow didn’t find it.

Otherwise, I might have shopped differently. No matter, I went over my budget as it were and am quite happy. Plus it takes me so much time to incorporate the new stuff, at least some of it.


Just saw an email this morning about another Waves blow out. Bunch of $29 plugins again. :slight_smile:


I’ve been seeing advertisements for Waves plugins, everywhere I go online lately. I’ve been demoing the CLA Vocal and CLA Drum plugins this past week, so I’m sure Waves has a tracking pixel on my IP address or computer, seeing that I’m showing an interest in their plugins.

I just checked my email and sure enough, Waves sent me a message “Year-End Deals”, “180 Plugins From $29” “SHOP NOW”. I’m a tightwad, but some of these plugins look really tempting. I’m beginning to get GAS cramps.

Thanks for the letting me know Christina.


I just noticed the Waves CLA Compressor/ Limiter and also the CLA-76 Compressor/ Limiter. I might have to demo them both.

Does anyone have experience with either of them? @Jonathan , maybe you’ve tried them?


Aw shit. Did I miss this sale??? Its not still going on…is it? I’ve never even heard of Embertone, but holy hell, does that Josh Bell violin sound AMAZING!!! WOW!


Me too! I’ve been using them for a couple years now. Those easily make the list of my top 5 favorite Waves plugins, and they easily go toe to toe with the UAD version. They’re a part of my template along with 7th Heaven Pro, Valhalla and Phoenix Verb.


For me this depends on how bad you need it. On the flip side, its pretty hard to actually need a Waves plugin that bad. The few exceptions were like when a guys demo mix practically used all Waves SSL eq’s, and it would have taken me whole day to rebuild his rough mix. Or else when I could get someone else to pay for the plugin, and they didn’t care how much it cost.


Yes…are you talking about the CLA 2 bus plugin? Or the CLA-2A? I haven’t tried the CLA 2 bus yet. But I’ve been using the 2A for years. I’ve been using it a lot less for the last 2 years since the updated UAD 2A came out. But that Waves 2A is one of the best plugins you can get for $30. It’ll make anything sound damn near amazing.

The Waves 3A is really the best of the bunch in my opinion. Its one of the few I like better than the UAD version. If you demo them, take the time to experiment with them in series…for example:

1176 (blue stripe) to -> 2A
1176 (blackface) to -> 2A
1176 (all buttons in) to -> 2A
3A to -> 2A
3A to -> 1176 (slow)

Also, one more thing…keep in mind that its ok to see the clip light on these plugins. Waves intentionally modeled different stages of the drive, and its really musical when you learn how to play with it :smiley:


Yeah, the 2A and 3A are the ones I’m looking at.

Does Waves have an 1176 ? I’m assuming it’s the one they call the CLA-76?

Awesome! Thanks for the advice!
Hopefully I can find this page when I start the demo’s. Gotta bookmark it I guess.


Looks like the sale is over, unfortunately. Yeah Embertone is a really cool company. I found out about them this past year when I did an arrangement contest that they hosted. I ended up winning a 50% off coupon so the timing was perfect to use it in conjunction with this sale. I think they make quality stuff! I haven’t tried out the violin yet, but I’m sure I’ll have a use for it soon.


I picked up
Limiter 6
nova Ge
ssl buss waves all from Audio deluxe.
25 bucks 25 bucks 25 bucks