Been Mucking around with Video

Been Mucking around with Video

Yeah, Reaper is very simple to use with video at the most basic level. It’s probably clunky compared to a specialised video program, but it works reasonably well, and there are some basic fx etc you can create with Reaper (I didn’t bother).

I just used my phone for one camera angle, and my iPad for another.

I think the most difficult part was outputting the .mp4 format. No matter how many videos I watched and how many things they suggested that I tried, it would only output a .mov format… which is rather strange considering I’m on a pc. In the end I dragged the .mov I got from Reaper into Mixcraft, and converted it to an .mp4 via that program… I must be doing something wrong in Reaper, but I ran out of patience in tracking it down.

Interestingly, when I uploaded the file to Youtube, even though I had not done any limiting or compressing on the master buss whatsoever, (I brought the peak levels up to -2dB) Youtube still turned down my mix by 2dB! Actually, scratch that - I misread. YT kept it at 100% of it’s volume. (I have no idea what it’s LUFS level ended up being, but it sounded ok to me)… Happy days!

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Ah, that’s good to know. Those video formats can be tricky, and yes I have had issues with .mov on Windows. I hadn’t thought about Mixcraft, but I have that and I think it’s supposed to do video pretty well too. I haven’t tried it yet, except to see the included demo song that comes with a video.

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If you end up working on more videos, I highly recommend DaVinci Resolve - free and possibly the best video editor I’ve used. You can output to almost anything, and it’s features should easily make it sell for hundreds of dollars. And it’s free!

I’ve started a series of tutorials for it:


Thanks man - that’s awesome! Now I remember seeing your posts on these - I just seem to have forgotten about it… I will definitely check that out :+1:

I got home and now I realise I’m leading everyone astray. Mixcraft wouldn’t do it… It was actually Cakewalk by Bandlab that did the trick! Cakewalk still represents fantastic value IMO (it’s completely free!)

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Reaper is great for doing quick video editing. It starts to get tough when you want to do more than very basic titles, but when splicing together video, it’s super easy because it’s the exact same workflow you use for doing audio, so it all feels really intuitive.

80% of the time, it’s a great tool. When you need something that has color correction, better titles and other stuff, resolve covers far more than I would need for the stuff I do.


I myself just throw things into Quicktime player and can do a quick trim and export. But since I’ve been using Resolve, I’ve fallen in love with video editing again. It’s got the intimidation factor of a DAW, but just like music production, once you get over that initial “what-am-I-looking-at-?” interface, you can do amazing stuff in a very short amount of time.

I’ve been using DaVinci Resolve for a short while. I installed it on my laptop sometime in January,…I think.

I started making a video (a project) sometime in February just for the sake of getting familiar with the ins and outs of the software. I had a few videos and photos that I included in the project and had done just a tiny bit of editing. I saved the project and closed Davinci Resolve, but now whenever I try to open the project, all I get is a black screen. I’ve tried opening the project many times, for weeks now. I’ve sent messages to DaVinci Resolve and they, ironically, don’t seem to be interested in helping me “resolve” the issue…That’s a possible price you pay when you use a free service/ software, I guess.

Anyway, I’ve done a little bit of investigating, checking out some reviews of DaVinci Resolve and come across similar issues that others are having. Every product will have some problems occasionally but I’m not willing to risk working hours and days on a project, only to find that all that work is lost. I uninstalled DaVinci Resolve a few days ago and now I’ll be going back to using Adobe Premier Pro CS6. Maybe I’ll give Reaper a try also. I didn’t know it could be used as a video making tool.

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Fun little bluegrass ditty!
Short and sweet.

The video is very simple but it certainly did the job. I didn’t even know that Reaper is capable of video making and editing!

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Thanks man! I never thought of it as bluegrass - I just thought of it as my mongrel version of country-style playing…but I guess it does have a lot of hybrid picking and open strings, banjo roll style things… so I guess it could be that too: “Mongrel Electric Bluegrass”?

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Bluegrass was the main vibe I was getting, but yeah, there’s some other genre that I can’t quite identify. “Mongrel Electric Bluegrass” sounds like an good descriptive term.

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It’s really just my excuse to use a “train” drum beat in a song at 250bpm! :joy:


Great tune - you look like you’re having fun also !

I’ve been using Power Director for several years now and I like it. Have found serious bugs in all other software I have used (have not tried Da Vinci yet).
Power Director 18 has enough color correction stuff for me - several options have been added, which is why I upgraded. I also got the Movavi Video Converter, which works great. I am working in exclusively in mp4 now.

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Thanks, yes it is fun - I’ve had it hanging around for quite a while, but never really got around to putting it all together.

Cool thanks, I might check that out too! :+1:

Super fun, great playing. I really enjoyed it.

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Thanks Paul!

Haha! Yes I agree, this is pretty amazing guitar playing!
Video-wise my only quibble is that we don’t get to see guitargod Andrew in all his glory :innocent:

I’m also interested in developing some basic skills in video. Not so much for my music, I want to be able to make good tutorials for my work (concerning the transition to a circular economy), maybe even start a You tube channel.
Does anybody know if you can do a live stream of a Powerpoint presentation with your talking head in a corner of the screen using Reaper? Or would you need something like Da Vinci Resolve to do that?

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Sounds like something we really need right about now!

Thanks Evert…

You know what they say: “eliminate the negative…etc” :wink:

I’m pretty sure this can be done fairly easily in Reaper. Try some of Jon Tidy or Kenny Gioia videos:

BTW, I’ve had no joy with Da Vinci Resolve yet - It doesn’t seem to like the video card in my computer… I can’t even get it to open!

That should have been a warning in my original post. That software has some moderate demands of your computer’s graphic card. Ironically it works no a base model MacBook Air…