Bass with clunk end

Listen to this clip of the last bass guitar note of a song.

Said bass player decided not to let the note die a natural death, but instead bludgeoned it over the head (more accurately a Captain Kirk karate chop with his plectrum hand).

What we’re left with is a nasty percussive noise right at the end of the song (I had actually even assumed it was an accidental drum hit, or perhaps the singer had inadvertently knocked his microphone - neither of which would have mattered as both would have been easy to edit out).

So, what are your recommendations for tidying this annoying artifact up while still leaving the essence of what was just about the only nice of bit of playing the bass guitarist actually managed that day (the slide down from Eb)?

StylesBitchey seems to have it all figured out. You can try fading out the end before the clunk hits, or you can extend the note if you have reaper, and then edit it out if that sounds more natural. I can’t remember how to do it, but I’ve done it with singers before.

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I agree with @doubletrackinjive. Extend the note in your daw and fade the end of it. I’ve had to do the same thing in the past. Usually it’s because they lose patience like that at the end, or someone says “hey, that was good”, etc.