Basics of Acoustic Engineering (Full Article)

Basics of Acoustic Engineering (Full Article)


no rocket scientist here like you two… but I can vouch for one thing that I do find odd harmonics more intense (more overall intensity) which is what I think @AlphaVictor is talking about , I know there are some people who find odd harmonics pleasant, I find them intense and I can see why if a low frequency wave gets cut short by hitting a wall, its going to act like a lip reed brass instrument and generate some overtones that might not be desirable if unwanted.

Though love a good bassoon and sax at times, having those harmonics linger in a small room (trust me, not good ) lol


Like this?

Just fuckin’ around @AlphaVictor.


(misunderstanding on resonant boundary distortions vs room modes cleared) << cleanup


You can’t just say that and then sign your post as “rocket scientist” and expect validates a claim that hasn’t been at all backed up by evidence. As a rocket scientist, I would have guessed you would be able to point to a source.

I can only assume you have’t read a single post I wrote, because not once have I said that room size isn’t relevant to low frequency room acoustics, which makes me wonder what you’ve been replying to this whole time.


(removed, as argument misunderstood was about 2 separate issues - apples and oranges)


ah, yes. The one where I said:

I guess I should have doubled down on how correct I was after being told I was wrong instead of admitting it was wrong.


Edit, to make it more broad so it can be used anytime Boz wins an argument.


Flawless Victory!


I actually liked that video and yes I am guilty of trying to double check it with Alpha when something didnt quite agree with me. While it had incorrect parts I dont agree that your video was comical . It was quite helpful overall.

As for you two, I have no clue what you and @AlphaVictor are actually arguing about. After reading everything it seems like you both are almost at the same page - (room size is important) but arguing about the detail whether it is important to have a size equal to or more than wavelength of the low frequency sound?


too soon :stuck_out_tongue: dont think anyone has won yet, but I know one thing, I like bigger rooms right around the size alpha mentioned, once I got my music studio to be around 36 ft from the soundstage point, It sounded phenomenal.
modeled almost like a mini concert hall. Irregular side walls and the ending wall is the only thing that is flat.

my studio sounded horrible when it was smaller and I heard harsh harmonics. The side walls are narrower but they are also beveled and angled outwards. I had my studio extended about 16 feet, the problem was just gone.


Uh, yeah, pretty much. That and the room modes adding harmonics thing. That’s a much easier. That summery will prevent anyone from actually having to read this thread.


How about now?


all I know is that my studio is like a narrow hall with the stage at the end . Side walls are angled and beveled out in an irregular fashion. It used to be smaller, around 20 ft lol. I had it treated at first and it still did not have the sound I was looking for. I still heard harsh sounds reflecting back from the door end. My door is metallic and walls are thin have some more reflective and vibrating surfaces.

I had my room analyzed by an acoustic engineer and that’s when he mentioned the same wavelength thing to me. He suggested extension if possible. I confirmed it with @AlphaVictor and had my studio extended 16 more feet (my dad is a contractor so I didn’t really have to pay much)

once I extended my studio, (same acoustic treatment) I was blown away by the sound. Everything just seemed to flow, there were no harsh or tinny sounds anymore. It was a very sweet sound like a mini concert hall. So there must be some truth to the theory. A practical test .

Now true test would be if I bring my wall back in by a few feet, closer to a partial wavelength, if the sound worsens, it would prove something. :smiley:


please dont lol… your room was a case study to begin with… really where all worst case scenarios were coming into play. Your industrial door you so love … nvm

Your room is like a closed tube with a big metal door at the end. We were dealing with room modes of the millionth order, reflections, unwanted overtones not to mention almost a plate reverb we didn’t want. Flute and violin are pretty loud instruments and have the power to shakedown the entire house…

@bozmillar apologies for being a mean drunk.
What I was getting frustrated was that (I thought) you were looking at room acoustic issues as mutually exclusive. There are scenarios where you can deal with many different types of issues at the same time.

Not sure if I said that, I had not even started talking about room modes. Room modes are not responsible for generating inharmonic distortions , resonant boundaries are.

(misunderstanding on resonant boundary distortions vs room modes cleared) <<< cleanup


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