Bash this tutorial

Bash this tutorial
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You giving a tutorial in your best British accent would encourage me to buy. Who could say no?


Or do a completely different accent each time :stuck_out_tongue:


Hehe! Boz could tap into his inner thespian and wear a disguise with each accent and do different characters so it looks like he has a whole staff that does his tutorials. :grin:


I was actually already planning on doing that for my about page where I list all the employees.


Get the tweed suit on and introduce yourself as director of technology, Thurthton Thurthtithtertonten. Don’t forget the pipe.


I think you got some interesting feedback on here. As with BTR, take what resonates with you and might help you, and don’t worry too much about anything that just doesn’t seem to fit (at least for right now, you can always reconsider it later). I’m a little tired of the “hey guys” thing too, but it’s kind of YouTube etiquette by now, and if it helps you feel comfortable starting off the video and/or your narration then the benefit is worth the annoyance. :slightly_smiling_face: I felt you were pretty focused, and guided the tutorial with your voice well. We can critique a hundred things, but I think each person will hear something different, so in terms of “connection” with your audience - and communicating effectively - I think being relaxed and relate-able (authentic?) are very important. I have liked how you do your videos since you started doing them, so I think you’re doing a lot of things ‘right’, the rest is experience and asking for feedback like this.

I find that on a technical video (especially not being familiar with the product already) I may re-watch it several times to absorb the subtleties and nuances for a complete understanding. So, as long as you guide the message along well enough and your voice and mannerisms aren’t irritating by that point it has done its job.


I’m quite pleased with the feedback I got. Obviously I’m not going to follow through with all of it. I’ll probably say hey guys again because that’s how I’d say it in real life.

But stuff like

  • Stiff voice
  • Look is offputting
  • Not enough attention drawn to important parts
  • Too much time on certain parts
  • Unclear descriptions
  • etc.

These are all areas where I can very much improve, and gives me something to focus on next time I do a video.


Well you got at least on sale out of this post. I just purchased the Manic Compressor. I will mess around with it tonight. Thanks for posting.


Ha ha never seen this one


I’d probably divide those things up into: 1) personal presentation, how do you come across, how well do you bring a relaxed sense of your personality to the situation; 2) communication skills, are you using effective communication techniques for your audience and medium; 3) technical aspects of video production and narration, such as how much time to spend focused on a certain part, editing for clarity, and flow of the material.

For 1), sometimes it’s more about undoing habits of nervousness and insecurity, things that get in the way of coming across well. Part of that is just personal growth and development, and being willing to look at yourself in new ways. Some of it may be ‘improving’, but could easily be unloading ineffective junk to reveal the true self. I’m just suggesting there is a difference between the attitude of “I must gain/add/improve these particular habits” and the attitude of releasing what is not effective and allowing it to fall away. Personality is pretty much a constant, so it can help to work with what you already have rather than upgrade to a better model. :slightly_smiling_face: If personality upgrades were actually a thing, someone could make a ton of money offering that gig. :wink:

For 2), it’s more about how you’re choosing to talk and communicate, based on your personality and which techniques can help you be more effective. Kind of like Bob was talking about in Post #40. Though I’d argue that faster isn’t always better. It just depends. I think I’m pretty versed on technical material, but I still have to listen to things several times through on occasion to get a full understanding. People that go too fast drive me kind of crazy. I think Kenny Gioia is great, but damn that guy talks fast. I have to pause him constantly so he doesn’t get way ahead of me. But being clear and to the point is always helpful.

For 3), there are things you can do ahead of time to make things flow better. Set up a cue sheet of video shots and transitions, and accompanying narration. Put time stamps on them, then walk through it either mentally or with a scratch track and see what works and what doesn’t. You can develop a script for that, or just an outline of ideas with a general sense of how you’ll present things and how long it will take. Even if you write a script, you can rehearse with it but not do the final recording with it. Just the rehearsal will help cement things as opposed to completely “winging it”.


Not much more I could add that hasn’t been said. Well, maybe instead of" using this stuff" to using this plug-in at the end.


You could always film yourself sitting behind a screen?



Yeah, what does “Look is offputting” really mean, and is it relevant? I mean if one person says that, does it impact how you would alter your performance routine from here on out? Does that mean they think you’re ugly, or make funny faces? Isn’t that personal bias (if indeed the case)? Frankly Boz, I think you come across like an adorable teddy bear. :bear:

I don’t know if this will offer any context, but I came across this video that sent up numerous red flags. I could do a total BTR job on this thing. :thinking: There may not seem to be a clear point of comparison here, but I’m going on the premise that the plugin tutorial is as much about ‘selling’ the plugin to potential buyers as it is about education. It’s selling the product benefits and BDL as a plugin company. So things like competence, expertise, trust, integrity, clarity, congruence, value - all these could be inferred from the performance and video technical aspects.

This one is selling a free Summit (with presumed sales offer tied in somewhere), and I think the contrast of styles speaks volumes, even if it doesn’t seem like apples to apples.


I make YouTube videos regularly, and I still can’t for the life of me work out why I need to stare at a screen, to watch somebody staring at their screen. This is the trend on YouTube I would like to see the end of. I know Pensado’s got chops, but staring at him while he’s clicking on his plugins doesn’t make me a better mixer.


My comment was tongue-in=cheek…
As in Boz needed to talk from behind a screen hiding him, because he’s so ugly…


I realised that! Just my own personal gripe against YouTube!