Bash this: Arthur's Song

Bash this: Arthur's Song


No, it’s not mastered at all. It’s really kind of quiet. I’m trying to master it right now but as usual have no idea what I’m doing. :slight_smile:


How interesting, Cristina! By in mono, do you mean keeping the stereo panning but listening through mono? Why would that be different than listening to mono on the headphones? I guess I’d have to see. But I do think mixing for headphones, phones, speakers, cars and TV consumption is one of my weakest skills. I am often disappointed with how my headphones mixed mix falters in other mediums.

But on to V3, it is much roomier than 2. Every part stands out clearer. These drums are bigger and have a lot more presence, where before it was Tracy Chapman or Counting Crows, it is now Cheryl Crow and REM. Frankly, I was enjoying the classic moody tone of 2 a lot, and I still do, but 3 does sound more live, more alive. I kept waiting for some of that original moodiness tone to be missed too much, but that never happened! It is such a good song in its structure that either one amazes the listener and inspires repeats to absorb it all.

But that said, 3 is my preference, although I might keep 2 just to remember.


I’m not sure I understand the question. But what I did was just hit the “mono” button on the master track in Reaper. The idea behind it was that if I could get the song to sound good in mono on relatively lo-fi speakers (apple earbuds) it would sound great once I listened to it in stereo on better systems. I think it really helped me with the EQ especially, which is why there’s more clarity between the parts. Kind of like being on deck in baseball and swinging the bat with weights on it. Then when you go up to the plate the bat feels light as a feather. If your parts sound distinct in mono they’ll sound really nice in stereo.


Ok, here comes the number one most lamest question of the century. I record a guitar track and put it 100% Left. I grab a capo or a different guitar, lay down a track, and put it 100% to the right. Bass, drums, and vox down the middle…done. Is that stereo. Seriously, I don’t know?


Yep that’s stereo! If there’s any difference at all between the left and right channels it’s stereo.


O yay… this sounds lovely… with a sheen and sparkle and coherence… well done!!!

It’s interesting mixing in mono… and quite controversial sometimes within these audio circles. I tend to use it as a check and balance when my songs are nearly done and find it really helpful to get more balance in the mix. But because I play around a lot with panning and space, mixing in mono has clear limitations. It is a useful tool for sure and interesting how it enables you to hear some stuff that you hadn’t noticed before.

Hey well done with persevering, it’s a lovely povely song and really nicely done!!!


Sounding good. I am really digging this. I think i might pull back the vocals a few dbs but that is a personal taste thing.


Another good one! Nicely done. I just love the main guitar lick! :clap:


I tend to arrive late to the bash and now I have nothing to add that no one else hasn’t pointed out! I will confirm what others have said though - your voice is great in this and the tune kicks ass. My initial thought on the first acoustic part was how cool it was, my second reaction was “I wish I wrote that!” and then it maintained that level of writing throughout. Sorry I’m not much help on the mix but well done on the song!