ARC of the Covenant

ARC of the Covenant


Yes, my interface is ASIO, I was just assuming that since they had a ASIO adapter on that page that you’d need it. I do really want to use ARC for other listening etc so I’ll give the Winamp thing a try. I see that they actually are transitioning to a whole new Winamp next year, I hadn’t given Winamp a thought in many years now. Even this version I got off their site is a Beta of 5.8, they said it got leaked to the internet early and posted to other sites, so they went ahead and made it available. I don’t see any legacy or non-Beta versions available.

I’m on Win 7 so I’ll try that one.

I’m actually pretty happy with what it did to my low end. The graph says I had lots of buildup from 100-300 Hz, and it brought that way down. And my sub freqs were kind of weak so it added some to them. I don’t know if it’s low mids missing that is freaking out my ears, but it may be that 300 Hz-ish stuff that I had got used to. Like I said it was just such a shock, sounded better in some ways but much brighter and thinner than I was used to. Yes, I may do some sculpting - fine tweaks - to feel better with the sound that is coming out, after I settle in with it a bit.

I hope that works for me, I have KRK V6 (series 2) without a sub. Which KRK’s do you have? I also use other speakers with a sub (mainly for the sub info), which I can route to my interface if needed, or may try with Winamp too. It will be interesting to hear what they sound like using ARC! I guess I’ll have to do another sound measurement on those?


OK, I tried it out and wrestled a little bit, but got it working nicely. I had to dig around in the Preference window to figure out the plugins, both DSP (VST) and Output, but once it worked it is really cool! Since Winamp is 32-bit I used the 32-bit version of ARC with it. I can use it on either my studio monitors or my 2:1 system by switching the output. It’s kind of like this Holy Grail of difference in hearing things with ARC. And with this Winamp setup I can get used to listening to records I know from way back. That should help too.


So glad it worked for you. I have the same krk 6’s as you and an old set of first generation 8’s that I bought 10-15 years ago. :slight_smile:


That’s why I like it. :grinning: