"Anything Less" - 9th Album Track Finally Done!

Thanks Chandler!

Wooh this is rather wonderful!!
Very slow to the party sorry, life is ‘odd’ at the moment (understatement) as covid and life in general get in the way. Some thoughts:

Great intro, love the strings and transition to power guitar, very nicely done! Overall fab layering of tracks, seamless transitions on my system, sounds rather wonderful actually. Your vocal range seems to be going from strength to strength, so well done.

I hit a tiny glitch at ‘Phillistine’ and was very glad to find the lyrics further down the page… it must be an accent thing? We say the word to rhyme with ‘wine’ and I had no idea what it was… but was captivated by the intimacy of the moment and the emotional content. So just thought I’d mention the lost-in-translation for what it is worth.

At ‘always more’ there is a delicious slightly dissonant harmony that I’m loving a lot… yes! Powerful and effective.
Lovely question-answer sequence to ‘anything less than the best’…

really enjoyed this Andrew, sorry to be so late :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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Hey Emma! Long time no hear - Wonderful to hear from you! Yes, life is crazy at present for us Antipodeans. We’ve gone from virtual Covid Zero to Covid Mayhem in a matter of weeks - just insane! I hope you and your loved ones have managed to stay safe and healthy…

We’re taking every precaution we can here (masks, vaccinations and boosters, physical distancing), but with open borders and Omicron going full blast, who knows what will happen? At least most people I know who’ve caught it aren’t getting critically ill, which is a relief.

Thanks for the kind comments on the track… Yeah, this was a real monster to produce and mix, but it ended up coming out quite good, I think…

Haha yes, you picked up the US-style “Philistine” pronunciation. With apologies to those of English heritage (who ironically may now view me as a Philistine) I thought taking some creative license there would be expedient in pursuit of my rhyming scheme.

… at least it might balance the ledger for the US listeners to the album who are puzzled at my English pronunciation of “Progress” as “PRO-gress” instead of “PROG-ress”.

Thanks again Emma - great to hear from you!

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Never really thought about it, but I guess I sound funny on that side of the planet. Guess that’s why guitar is the universal language.

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Nah, you don’t sound funny to me, Bob. 50 years of mainly US generated Television & Movie content has taken care of that!

Amen to that! :guitar: :guitar: :guitar: :guitar: :guitar: :guitar: :guitar:

Intro strings sound very realistic! Kind of reminds me of Eleanor Rigby. Then it turns into a rockin’ song; wasn’t quite expecting that, in a good way. It all sounds really good!

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Thanks Aaron!

That’s good!.. because they are! (Real, that is).

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Wow, real strings? That’s a rarity nowadays.

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Yes, real strings, real brass, real drums, real guitars and bass. The only Virtual instruments are the keys.

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