Analog Summing. Let do this again :)

Analog Summing. Let do this again :)
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If i bought a mixer around 300 can i still push the faders up? How would i go about doing that? What benefits would i see workflow-wise and( hopefully ) quality-wise?


I already expanded immediately below the words you quoted with what I said here:

Real time bounce isn’t an issue with emulated analogue summing (which is what I use).


Yeah I read that, it’s about using plugins, but before that you said:

“My view is that analogue summing / modelled analogue summing is first and foremost a workflow consideration.”

I’m asking you how analogue summing is a workflow consideration.


I was talking about my personal viewpoint & experience… and I can’t speak for others, however…

Guys who grew up with analogue and have had that workflow for the past 20/30/40/50 years are used to it and thus it gets them the results they want quickly… many have said they can get good results with digital summing, but it takes them longer…hence workflow… I have heard this said in interviews over and over.


ahh the good old fashioned digital vs analog.

What is said above is the heart of all sound and music.
Digital vs Analog debate is a matter of preference and acquired taste. A generation that grew up only hearing analog, their nostalgia kicks in and at times those preferences are projected on to the newer generation they are close to. Me? I prefer analog sound as a result of growing up around it, having dad and his 7 brothers raving about how cool all the stuff is … having emotions and memories tied to it. There are plenty of examples today in modern day golden ears having no clear preference between digital and analog.

There are good songs in the digital world and good songs in the analog summed up world. In the end if you are hearing it on a stream, it is still sampled in the end.


So what would you say are the implications of this? Does this tell us anything important or noteworthy about the analog/digital juxtaposition?


in my opinion all it tells us that it is only a matter of preference - and preferences evolve with time.


amp type please


You mean in my old photo? That’s a Peavey Vypyr, 30W. It’s a “modeling amp”, with firmware built in that emulates a bunch of amps and effects. I use it only just to jam and practice anymore, I do all my recording via DI + plugins so that I can go back and adjust the amp settings as needed (and those adjustments are ALWAYS needed) without having to re-track the part. I do like the amp, lots and lots of different sounds and tones on it. Combined with my Variax modeling guitar, it opens up a huge range of space I wouldn’t be able to get at otherwise.


Yeah, I gotta get into this vst thing, I can see that now. Glad you put the exclamation mark on this for me Dave. I very seldom get the sound I want out of that line 6 I have or the boss. You gotta admit tho, it’s fun to crank those amps up and play loud once in awhile. Or even better play with the ole band again. I get excited just thankin about it.

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