Why isn't this forum registering on google's search engines?

Why isn't this forum registering on google's search engines?
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I tried to google a bunch of stuff like recording studio forum, home recording forum, music gear forum, forum for recording, etc…

This site didn’t even register on the first page. I was at a coffee shop (different computer, different ip and everything), because it comes up on mine. Anyone know why or what it would take to make the tags hit?

Just thought I’d mention it.


Basically it takes some time for Google to visit your site with its bots engine…
What can help is to have a lot of external links pointing to it, and affiliations with other sites.
And then of course, you can boost all of that if you pay for their ad service. :rage:


Man… If I knew the answers, my shop would be a lot busier than it is! Haha

Regarding this site though, it should be a much easier climb to the top. We have rapidly growing, relevant content. It all takes time though. Google doesn’t mess with sites that cheat the system either. Fast climbing is usually a flag that the site isn’t playing by the rules. They usually don’t last long.

However, I’d love to open this up to any of you that have positive experience with climbing Google rankings as this can apply to marketing your music or studio too!


Also, I have already set up my google account for this site and it has started indexing the site and crawling a couple days after I got things going :+1:


@holster Have you access to meta tags on the site?


Ditto to don’t bother with google ad words… we tried them for our home business for a while… spent a lot and no perceptible benefit.


Hello Jonathan,

Are you using Google analytics for this forum? Check if you are receiving any traffic from Google searches. If not you should create a Google webmaster account and start submitting URLs of all threads here. I think this will work. We can submit this forum on reddit and hackernews so improve the authority.

I just checked few tools and found that this community is not linked with other website [No backlinks] and no page rank that means it is not indexed !

Let me know once you check the analytics report.


Thanks @stephen123, I’m not a moderator or anything or here and I know practically nothing about web stuff…I thought I’d bring it to @holster and the other guys attention :smiley:

But much appreciated!