Who would be willing to help with an IRD teaser video? Check it out...and bash!

Who would be willing to help with an IRD teaser video? Check it out...and bash!


My living room is approx 13ft wide by 26ft long by 13(ish)ft tall. I should be able to do all that for you. There are a couple couches and a TV that would likely end up in the shots.


Still trying to get a hold of Danny and Paul…

Hey Boz, when are you moving?


Probably not until Feb. The house still has to be built, and they won’t start building until we sell our current house. It’s a slow process, but it’s going to be crazy getting the house ready to sell. I’ve never sold a house before, so there will be a lot of hair pulling outing.


Any other ideas for tweaks to a script? What do we really want to say here? I don’t mean word for word…are we all onboard with the general overall theme, length, flow, and message it sends?



Damn. I have just sold a load of gear on ebey, my racks will look baron lol

“Hi i’m iain, a handsome middle aged englishman whos failing acting career forced me into music production. Being nieve i thought i could do it all myself with a microphone and a hard disc recorder and a lava lamp. For many a year I continued to pull my hair out and produce terrible to poor demos, then i found an online community i could trust… a community i could relate to… a community i came to depend on as i climbed the home recoding learning curve… Unfortunately that site died and now we meet here instead. Its cool but we’re all still trying to figure out what to do. So come along and drop some hints, pick up some tricks or join a debate. If you’re feeling brave upload your tracks to ‘bash this’ and get instant critique and condemnation or even liberation. In all honesty there are a whole bunch of people from beginners to professionals who are just hanging around giving eachother support, info and free advice. Choose to sit back and leech…or lean forward, type and join in. But most of all be yourself, be indipendent, be at one with your recordings. Those sort of online communities dont exist i hear you say? Well sit down my friend, you’ve found what you’ve’ been looking for…We’ve been here all along… indie recording depot”


Eh everybody @Paul999 came back from the nether realm. Looks like we can give this a shot.

Paul, we don’t really have a deadline…you contribution here would be GREATLY appreciated!!!


What a great idea! I will be shooting some video pretty soon so the next time I am, I will do this intro!


I’ll do it. I’d like to help out with promotion for sure. I’ll do it found footage style.


Do we have some progress on this? I’m anxious to see what y’all come up with!!


@Jonathan Sorry I’ve been off the radar for a while, but I love the concept, and I would like to disprove that all bass guitarists are grumpy and miserable. I have a couple of amusing video clips to bring to the party that I would love one of you guys to add a commentary upon! Have a gander at this one of me entering a recording studio!


Yes! I already have a couple videos in, and I’m gonna get my clip is gonna get shot this week…I’m finally re-painting in here and I’d really like to have pretty walls, as ridiculous as that sounds lol.

@Chordwainer, Dave, if you’re ready to do a quick video drop, we could use yours next. I’ll send you an example video.

Bryan, if you can do a quick video shoot, we probably need yours and @bozmillar’s first, before anyone elses. We’re definitely gonna get everyone who offered to help in here, but after getting yours, we’ll know where to we need to fill in the gaps. I think the best thing to do would be if you and Boz do a couple takes, say whatever you want to say about this place, then we chunk out the material systematically. Boz made a valid point about not trying to over-script, because it can tend to sound un-natural.

Al, SoundCandy, Kinfolk, at first I was thinking about hitting you guys up for a welcome drop, but it might be smart to hold off until we see what Boz and Bryan give us.


That’s great news!! I’m stoked to check ‘em out!


Don’t worry. I took improv in college. I’m gonna go for a David Lynch of crack type of vibe.


Works for me.


I’m happy to help, but I’m in a bit of sprint mode on my end. I’m putting my house on the market next week and will be moving soon after that, so I don’t know what sort of schedule I’ll be having.


Are you leaving California? If you leave California and move to the Midwest you’d save A LOT of money. A $1,000,000 house there is only $200,000 here. You can be a farm hand on the side.


Moving to Washington state. cost of living is pretty parallel to where I am right now. Trading deathly hot summers for rainy winters.


I guess that’s one benefit to living on the coast, you don’t really have winter. We get the super hot summers and super cold winters. Some would call it hell, I think it’s nice being able to experience life at both extremes every year. When I was a kid it snowed pretty intense one day, then two days later it was 80 degrees outside. We had a snowball fight in our shorts. This was May.


Where I am right now, I can drive an hour and go snowboarding, then come home and eat a picnic at the park for dinner. My biggest fear of washington is crappy snow conditions. I know Mt Rainier gets good snow, but I don’t know how many sunny days I can get up there with good snow.

Here, I can say “hey, we had a storm this weekend and now it’s sunny today. Let’s go snowboarding.”


I don’t think it’ll be that severe. My brother lives up in Washington, and it really doesn’t sound much worse than it gets here in Oregon.