Who would be willing to help with an IRD teaser video? Check it out...and bash!

Who would be willing to help with an IRD teaser video? Check it out...and bash!


Let me throw a thought out there… I have very limited skills with video shooting, but I’m quite comfortable importing and editing.

What do you guys think of doing a short concise conglomerate welcome video? With 2 distinct purposes, seeing faces, and stating purpose. I’m thinking marketing here… Here’s a dummy script, so propose any changes anyone thinks will help:

I’M FILLING IN RANDOM NAMES AS PLACEHOLDERS TO CREATE A SUGGESTION FOR A SCRIPT please please please speak out if you are a regular and want in on this…I’m not trying to exclude anyone intentionally:

20-40frames, Cue logo, cue background music…

Video shot of Paul in the studio - sitting infront of mixer
"Hello. I’m Paul Smith! Welcome to Indie Recording Depot"

Video shot me in the studio sitting front of mixer
"Hello. I’m Jonathan Kuehling. Welcome to Indie Recording Depot"

Shot of Danny infront of guitar rig or in mix room?
“Hello. I’m Danny Danzi and welcome to Indie Recording Depot”

The maybe 2 or 3 more of these. @Chordwainer, @SoundCandy, @ any other willing person who has a smiley face and/or a video worthy home studio rig? Doesn’t need to be fancy, but probably need something organized, clean, and reasonably presentable.

Boz (tell the people what we are)
“Hello, I’m Boz from Bozlabs plugins …IRD is a community of people who love music, recording, and all things audio. Whether you’re taking your first steps to building your home studio, launching a music related business, or an experience pro dropping by for great conversation, we’re a great place to learn new things, network, and share ideas.”

(Next, tell the person what THEY get out of US 2 sentences)
Someone else: Maybe Andrew…Stan…Emma? Anyone not camera shy… lol
"But Indie recording depot is much more than gear talk. Its a one-stop shop for conversation about songwriting, teaching an instrument, marketing your music, do-it-yourself projects, growing your studio, and meeting other bands"

(tell people how they can be involved)
Someone else:
“Be sure to check out ‘bash this recording’ (cut to screenshot of the category link on the website) where you can submit an original song or mixed recording for friendly and helpful advice and feedback.”

Video of Bryan in his storefront or studio (wrap up and summarize)
“hello, I’m Bryan with Rusty Frets Guitar Shop. I launched this site a year ago as a place for musicians from all walks of life to dialogue and grow. Visit often as we host competitions and giveaways. To join, simply sign up, introduce yourself, (show screenshot of both buttons). Thanks for checking us out, and we look forward to hearing about your journey in music and recording.”

So it goes through:
Who we are…
What we’re doing…
What we offer a participant…
Then wrap up.

Totally open source here. Feel free to bash.


@Jonathan, Bingo! What a launching pad that would be, this idea kicks ass - Yes sir.
To add to your idea -

a tell people how they can be involved video - Please check out our ‘‘site features’’ page (get a badge), or something like @holster ‘‘My vision for this site’’ type thing and ‘‘let us know what it means to you to be a member of this site’’ (get a badge)
What a great idea Jonathan


I’d do it. I’d obviously want to reword my script because if it is something that isn’t my own words, it will come out really awkward. Even if it is my own words, it will come out awkward.


As long as the video features Boz looking pregnant it will do okay…


Agreed, this is a very good idea Jonathan. I’m happy to contribute-- I at least have the interview that Paul did with me so you can see for yourself how I come across on vid… It also contains footage of my studio room, which is entirely ITB. Probably representative of what a lot of folks who might visit here are using. Anyway, count me in!


Does anyone have a super short 2-5 second live-in-concert HD video footage of your band playing on a live on stage in a 1000+ venue? I could probably work in a couple 90-120 frame snapshots of some of us on stage in the part we’re talking about bands and networking…

I think I could use some 2-5 second snapshots of some of you guys sitting infront of your computers moving faders or clicking around your DAW’s…

I think I can make a call for cues as the video materializes…

The point of the video is to portray faces of normal people and giving the feeling of meeting people. Right? Millennials value connectedness, and anything that make something more sociable and personal is a step in a good direction. I think the authenticity of something like this could offer that in a really unique way. And I think we could spin this in a way that doesn’t come off like some overly polished sales pitch.


I can take a slow-mo video of myself spinning around in tall grass.


@bozmillar, can you re-script the ‘what the IRD community is’ clip in 25-40 second cue?

[quote=“Jonathan, post:1, topic:1673”]
Boz (tell the people what we are)
“Hello, I’m Boz from Bozlabs plugins …IRD is a community of people who love music, recording, and all things audio. Whether you’re taking your first steps to building your home studio, launching a music related business, or an experience pro dropping by for great conversation, we’re a great place to learn new things, network, and share ideas.” [/quote]

And is anyone interested in taking these other two?


That’s nice. I don’t have any tall grass. Lawn mowing service every week.


Since my studio backs up to a golf course, I could do a slow-mo video of myself gleefully frolicking around in a sand trap lol.


Sure i can put something together… :+1:


@SoundCandy Chris, sweeeeet dude. I’m trying to visualize how to fit some of this together. I think you posted this before…you have a formal control room…don’t you? Can you snap a quick photo and upload it? If we can get a blend of commercial looking rooms with home production rigs mixed together I think it would help this video hit a nice wide target. Can I take a look at your room really quick?


And @holster Bryan, do you have a physical brick-and-mortar showroom like Paul Smith does?

@Paul999, I hear you’re swamped at the moment, but was wondering if you could literally take 30 seconds to sit at your console, look into a camera, and say “Hi, I’m Paul Smith! Welcome to Indie Recording Depot”.


I’ll be in the video. Tell me which script to segment to read and I’ll do it. I won’t be in front of a mixing board though. Maybe in front of some guitars or more likely, my electric drum kit. lol


I have an idea…didn’t you say u used to do backline stuff? Do I have any photos or videos of those?


If you’re replying to me, I don’t have any photos of anything like that. I need a green screen. I could BS my way into that. Or I could be flying on a magic carpet. lol


So you make absolutely sure that anyone who might be interested but has just a PC and an old USB interface is completely put off by the fact that all these guys have pro looking desks.
Ever worked in marketing?


Al, thanks man. Again, was just trying to show as much diversity of music related experiences as possible. The electronic drum set things sounds good…and could look really cool. I’m wondering if we could get a couple shots of you on that thing, then cut over to a software screen capture video of drum hits being triggered on software as you’re playing…do you use BFD or AD with it?

To keep it high impact style, it I think it would be really cool to have those shots then ADR (voiceover) a narration line over top of the video of you playing. I hope that makes sense. Does it sound cool?


First, no, people like Dave, and Boz do not have pro looking desks, so you commingle mix shots of home studios with shots of pro studios throughout the teaser.

And since you have worked in marketing (if I recall correctly), surely you agree that its easier for people to see you all dressed up then infer you dressed casually, than it is to see you with a wedding band in t-shirt and jeans and try to guess what they would look like in suits and ties. Show them the big picture, then let them infer the smaller pieces.

And having worked in marketing, I’m certain you understand that people listen with their eyes, and your visual presentation supersedes content and substance. The first thing someone will judge you by is how you are groomed and dressed. The second thing someone will judge you by is how you speak. So yes. In a teaser add, big mixers do matter if we’re talking about viral media marketing, so deal with it whether you like it or not.


I don’t use any software with it, yet. I still need to figure out what works well with an iMac, Cubase 9 Essentials, and my Alesis drum kit. I think Cubase might have a built-in midi program that can handle it.


Ok…then if you can read a couple lines into a mic, and we can get 2 shots of you on that drum set, we can roll with it. How high is your ceiling? Can someone capture an over-the shoulder shot from the back? Or maybe birdseye from the front? Depending on where you’re kit it set up.

Are you right handed? I was thinking of chasing that with a low-angle clip of you coming around for a drum fill if you can get a camera to your right just above the head of a floor tom. Super easy clips, but good angles and movement can be the difference between low-budget and cool vs tacky as shit.