What's the Diff....?

What's the Diff....?
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…between Latest, New and Unread?


I think it’s something like NEW as in new to that particular category, LATEST as in most recent overall (by default, when logging in it’s an overall rather than cateory view) - they may not be actually “new”

Unread is just unread - as in literally, you personally have not yet clicked on it. And maybe you never will!


Actually, maybe not quite - hover over each of these AJ and there is a text explanation.


Thank you sir, got it.


I’m starting to learn this subscription business too. Just by reading a thread you’re automatically subscribed so then it will show up in Unread when there are new posts that you haven’t looked at yet. If you don’t wish to follow a thread anymore, you can go to the blue dot at the bottom right of the thread (at the end of the little scroll bar) and change the status.

I’m also using Bookmarks, which you’ll see at the bottom of each post after clicking the “…” three dots icon.