What does your default browser screen look like?

What does your default browser screen look like?


So does everyone on here have the same default screen view? Or is the layout of the threads dependent on the users settings?


Mine looks the same…


Mine too :slight_smile:


@Emma, @Chordwainer, do either of your recall changing anything to make the screen default to “Categories” opposed to “Latest”? So I think it defaults to this view unless you tell it to show you latest under your preferences…right?

What I’m wondering is if we could move the “Articles” in the blog section to where people can actually find it. I’ll reach out on the discourse engine forum to see if this is doable.

Mine used to look like this…so I was just making sure.


Yup, that’s what mine looks like too.


Didn’t have to do anything to make this view appear, it was just like that one day…


I think ‘latest’ used to be the default but it was changed to ‘categories’… I vaguely remember some chat about it… maybe…


If you click on your avatar, then the little cog, you go to preferences and you can set the default home page


My Indie Recording Depot browser looks like yours.


This! I suspect most of you would want “Latest” as the default. The site is set up with “categories” as a default because it is easier for a visitor to see what kind of subjects we cover. It also shows the latest on the right. But what @ramshackles said is totally correct! :beerbanger: