We need SEO...what does it take?

We need SEO...what does it take?


Is there any way we could get higher on the list when someone googles recording forum or home studio forum or music forum or anything like that? Just tried it. It didn’t work too well.


It is a huge, complicated, time-devouring, frustrating, multi-million dollar industry.

There is no straight answer to your question. I’ve been doing this shit for at least ten years, and I still know jack shit about it.

Although my studio is #1 in G for local search, which only took about three years to engineer, so I’m quite pleased with that.


Ouch…well that makes 2 of us then. I can’t help but wonder if we’d be picking up more steam if we were at least in the top 3 pages of ‘recording studio forum’ search.

AJ, do we if you google search for recordings forums, is IRD non existent from your end too?


There’s the first problem. You don’t know what people actually search for. Basically it goes like this.

  1. Research the search terms that people use
  2. Optimise the site for those search terms.
  3. (The difficult part) Get contextual bcklinks from authority sites. (Any site will do, but authority sites are the best).

When you’ve done all that, get your prayer mat out and hope that the great Google god doesn’t update the search algorithms and your site disappears of the face of the earth (hint: G does this multiple times each year).
That’s why I suggested black hat or guerilla techniques in the other thread. SEO will take months if not years to come to fruition - IF it comes to fruition.