Video entertainment

Video entertainment


This place could use the extra spice of some vids/tutorials…something visual. I get bored/lazy reading posts.

I need all of my senses entrenched with I.R.D.

@bozmillar , got any links? Post some of your stuff here?


Yeah, we really need to get some more videos going. @Paul999 had started doing those interviews a while back, and they were awesome! I think he’s had his hands full lately though. But yeah, I’d love to see that too


I offered, he’s yet to take me up on the interview though.


He is probably scared of all the editing and post production he would have to do. Ha!

Kidding, he may take you up on the offer once he is free. It would be interesting .


At least half of it is going to be 1kHz bleep tones.


This sounds like a good idea… it would be really cool to see some forum members make short videos about plugins or techniques they particularly like, even in conjunction with “Bash This Recording.” It could be quite helpful.

Somewhat related; a little while ago I got an idea for a sort of… pro-audio parody YouTube channel called “plugins are so cool like.” I have several ideas for videos already. I started making my first one last weekend, but haven’t had a lot of time. Maybe I’ll finish it this weekend and I can post it for a laugh or two. :slight_smile:

Oh wait, I took some photos for the channel’s twitter account. Here’s one for fun: