Upload Limit?

Upload Limit?
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I’m trying to upload a track to BTR, but it stops at 26% every time. I’ve tried tethering to my mobile and hardwiring in to my router, without success.

Is there a size limit for uploads?


There is, but it’s supposed to be 30mb, which is plenty. How big is the file?


It’s 11mb.

It gets to about 26% then goes back to 0%. I’v tried three browsers, two internet connections and multiple files.


OK now I’ve posted a dropbox link using the hyperlink code and it’s not showing in my post. Also, if I refresh the page the native player appears in the post for about one second and then it disappears.


If i log out in Chrome I can see the player but it is disabled.

I have also tried turning off Kaspersky - just in case it was blocking something.


I’m on it! Thanks for the heads up and the clarification.


Here’s the thread, 256kbps is ok, 320 is not.


What are your guy’s thoughts on 256k vs 320k anyway? I hear more of a difference between mp3 and wav than I do 192, 256, 320. Just wondered.


@holster Never even thought about 320 until I started posting here. Been rendering to 128 by default for years.
I can’t hear a difference on any of my playback systems.
I pull 2 of the same mix 128 and 320 into my daw tried to scope it out with SPAN without anything conclusive showing up.
I also had an “exceeded file limit” on a 10.7MB file… starting a new topic re:128/320


Constant vs. Variable bit rate may be more of an issue. My understanding is that VBR may not be as good when audio quality is desired. I don’t know how Brandon came to his 320kbps/Constant bit rate standard, but it seemed to work well for many years.


Because - despite what some people may say - it is indistinguishable from a 44.1kHz 16 bit wav, and on an audio recording forum, where we are trying to analyse frequencies and levels down to minute degrees, anything less than that is making a bit of a mockery of the whole point of uploading files IMO.

[quote=“rjwillow, post:9, topic:840”]
I can’t hear a difference on any of my playback systems.
[/quote]That is quite amazing. Cymbals in 128kbps sound like someone tearing a paper bag.


Yes, now that you mention it I believe that was his philosophy. He was a big fan of “squint mode”.


I should have the limit back up soon. I found the culprit. The software was fine. The server had reset a setting behind the scenes. I’ll need to restart the server after the settings change, but that only takes a couple minutes :+1: