Tip of the Week ideas

Tip of the Week ideas


Not quite. He had help with some of his stuff from some very strange quarters as far as most of the folks on RR and on here would be concerned.


So was Eric, minus the poor spelling and bad grammar. lol. Have you read daily adventures of mixer man? Hey…it seems to work. Between Brandon writing about punching whales penis and Eric writing about taking a shit and smoking weed in the control room, I think we have discovered a perfect recipe for classy sophisticated etiquette. haha.


@holster, and @ everyone else…do we have a consensus on our target audience? Are we going after the home studio guys, and semi-pros? Or can we pull off the half/half hobbyist pro model?


I think we should be as inclusive as we can be. There is some awesome talent on this site - and you all know who you are and who the others are. You guys and some others are qualified to handle the heavy technical stuff. I’m not in your league, I can be of help for the newer guys, beginners and such. I’ll do what I can to be of help. I’m in.


Ha, bad manners = good mixing, good manners = bad mixing? Time to get your rude on I guess.


Please make this one happen! :smiley:


That’s a great idea…and maybe add something about how to use your meters for something other than a peak indicator.


Musical Activism - BAN THE UKE.

… this is brilliant. This needs an Onion-style video with interviews of child psychologists and a former uke player in a straight jacket… The Family Speaks: “we were a normal family before we got the uke.” Dad: “I wish we had never got that uke.” (Parody on families who win Lotto.)


Well if that’s the case, then so are mandolins, xylophones, and recorders haha.

How about 10 instruments that are psychologically damaging to people who want to play real instruments all together!

…And I have a special bash reserved especially for that rockband guitar controller. :rage: That one gets its own thread!


If you can’t play the sitar and guzheng, you are allowed to feel inferior.


lol Stan. Ever tried playing spoons?


When Stan mentioned surveys it brought to mind polling. I always enjoy participating in Polls. They’re simple, easy to understand and provide insights…and they’re so simple to participate in. Take a poll with 5 options and simply click one choice, or depending on the poll, multiple choices. Polls are FUN.


Kind of. I was inspired by “Spoon Man” by Soundgarden, and did something like that with spoons or drumsticks on bain-maries I think. I have played drums on anything imaginable since 8th grade with fingers, hands, drum sticks, and probably obscene objects to any extent possible. Walls, steering wheel of car (especially), water bottles (carboys), acoustic guitars and cellos. If I had to name them all I’d run out both our lives with the narrative.


Call it anything but a ‘‘boy named survey’’,(chuckle)


Been there, done that. My favorite party trick is to play the Dutch national Anthem on a blade of grass :drums: Worse even than a recorder or a violin in the hands of the uninitiated…