Tip of the Week ideas

Tip of the Week ideas


I’m just running with this because it’s easy. What would be some good, simple tip of the week ideas that can be used to put in a newsletter? My thought is that it should be able to be summed up in one sentence, with a slightly more detailed description that goes in the newsletter. Then, if we’re really on the ball, we can have a full article for each one with examples and stuff, but that may be overdoing it for now.


Parallel Compression
Parallel Distortion
Free Plugin of the week
Getting the band to pay up
Getting the band to show up
mic’ing vocals/guitar/etc
Raise your rates
Mix in Mono

My vision for this site

*Also, I like this idea enough that I may steal it for my own marketing purposes as well.


Great idea. Almost endless supply of topics. One that comes to mind for me is how to listen critically, and how to use a spectrum analyzer to verify what you hear.


Cool ideas Boz,
I seem to be thinking of inanities today but thought I’d blurt some out anyway

  • Different ways to listen to your mix
  • Things NOT to do when you are recording
  • Tasty Vocals – would you like EQ with that?
  • Lip Smacking vocals – how to reduce the slurp
  • Where best to put that mic stand?
  • Recording a friend – how to stay friends?


Unexpected sounds in your recording - where might they come from?
Why you shouldn’t drink coffee in your studio…
Who uses their microphone back to front?
How to take the dumb out of drum
why read music when you can just make stuff up? (see what I did there :wink:)
Coiling cables - clockwise or anti-clockwise? (heh)
What to do when the dog chews your speaker stand?
Who hates your music most?
How can you persuade your friends to check out your music?
Why did the sound engineer cross the road?
How do you get a vocalist to change your lightbulb…?

@cptfiasco … where is that guy when I need him???

CALLING CPT - c’mon, I double dare you to help me with this list… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


5 differences between jazz voicing and pop/rock voicing
10 essential ProTools shortcuts commands that avid forgot to include
5 quick/easy piano riffs to get your hands moving faster!
Maybe every month features a members home studio? (Sort of like Keyboard magazine does a rig rundown on ‘weekend warrior’ rigs)?
Famous engineers with modest home studio rigs (I could probably name 50)
10 great exercises or training drills to develop 'golden ears’
10 things you can only do with Reaper
-or 10 amazing things only Reaper can do…something like that
5 tips to writing KILLER string arrangement using your virtual instruments
101 ways to make money off of your studio? (that threads already going)
-or something like ‘things you might not have thought of to job our your studio’


Hey guys, maybe we can focus this by sort of outlining broad categories based on what we think will draw attention to the site. I’m envisioning catchy clear headlines hitting social media sites…

I think the internet has worn out ‘what mic should I buy’ or ‘where do I get free plugins’ or ‘which daw should I use’. Perhaps let those questions come through later on a need-by-need basis? I was wondering if it would be good to stay away from the sales oriented stuff and offered articles based around themes like

Tips for playing instruments
Techniques to try with mixing
Business tips for getting a small studio off the ground

In short, maybe we shouldn’t ‘review’ things?

If we go off what we see in Sound On Sound, EQ magazine, Keyboard, Guitar, Music Tech Focus, and Computer music magazine, a lot of people want short concise useful articles that are easy to understand and not time consuming to apply.



[quote=“Jonathan, post:7, topic:1665”]
Tips for playing instruments
Techniques to try with mixing
Business tips for getting a small studio off the ground[/quote]

I like these categories, although I would imagine that tips for playing instruments would be the most difficult to deliver because it would require a video and/or a recorded example. If I were to put myself in the shoes of the person actually making the content, I’d want each one to be something that I could throw together in an hour if I had to.

I definitely agree with this. I think if it got into the “which is better” territory it would become a crappy game.

I think we should do our best to keep them from becoming big productions. They should just be little nugget things. Like pulling the cool little tricks that we find in the depths of these forum posts. They don’t have to be world changing. They can be things that most of us do without even thinking about it.


This is the winning topic. HAHAHA!


I have a little bit of a different take on this (I think). I’m not interested in meaningless shootouts. But I do think stating clear fact (not an opinion, and actual fact), about what a piece of gear does that another clearly can not is helpful. Like ‘10 things you can only do in Reaper’, isn’t a matter of preference, but it does raise a question of relevance. So maybe approach it like ‘10 usable workflow tricks you can only do in Reaper’.

So in the rare instance you can actually give relevant facts about which is ‘better’, and base that purely on YES/NO it does/doesn’t perform a function, than it can help.


Tip of the week - I’d go there. short and simple topics - great!


Yeah, but I think that’s designed more to be a baiting topic. The kind that will just end in a DAW war. And maybe that’s not such a bad thing every once in a while. But it’s also a the kind of topic that by default doesn’t apply to 90% of people. But it also sounds more like a magazine article than a quick tip.


Wasn’t the purpose to bait people onto the site with potentially useful information?

Seems that would depend on who exactly chimes in on the thread. As far as this particular group goes, aren’t we pretty much past that?

Music Tech Focus, EQ magazine, Sound on Sound, Computer Music, and EM all rotate articles. So one month, you have Ableton heavy content, another month you’d have Cubase heavy content. That seems to be how they make it apply to everyone. I noticed the articles there are very workflow oriented. and there’s an increasing amount of graphic content.

What’s the difference…isn’t it just the length?


I’m pretty sure all of us here now are, but we’d be inviting in some crazies as well.

Length, I guess, and effort to create the article. I don’t really have strong feelings about any of this, I’m just airing my thoughts, so don’t read too much into what I’m saying here. I think a “10 things only X DAW can do” would make really good articles if they were well written and researched. Unless accuracy isn’t a concern, it’s pretty heavy on the production side.

I think an article for each major DAW that talks about its unique strengths would be a really really good section to have, but seems to be overshooting the “tip of the day” idea.

Again, don’t read too much into what I’m saying. I’ve already broken the brainstorming code of conduct in my first reply.


I was thinking dump the question on a Reaper forum, check over the responses for accuracy, then rehash and publish it with our logo, after the others on here have a fair chance to bash it.

Oh Jeez, I wasn’t thinking daily here…I thought we were talking about a featured monthly article that drew from daily and weekly discussion.

I don’t know if we could keep up with a ‘tip of the day’ like Steve Slate does.


oh, I meant “tip of the week”

Each day would be impossible.


I could handle the music tips stuff on my own, I’ve got to find time to get some decent portable camera skills down though. And I realized when I tried to do a tour of mixing console that my scripting and writing chops are awful as hell.


I think that is also a good idea, but much more work. The articles on this site are turning into the same thing they were on RR. Just a bunch of random thoughts from people. I personally find it hard to gather good info from articles as apposed to dialog, which I guess is why articles never excited me personally.


So what if you started with a short article as a discussion springboard and let information trickle in from there?

I can really identify with what you said about dialogue. I think one of the problems here is that we don’t have enough people here with enough experience in specific fields to expand dialogue overall. I wish a few other plugin guys (like from Exponential and Nomad) would have stuck around. I wish there were more guys (though I know this is totally unrealistic) that have worked in major post facilities. I wish he had game audio guys on here. I don’t think any of the film audio guys moved over from the last forum. I like to hear pros disagree with other pros as long as it stays civil because contrasting views or untapped ideas greatly balance the information gathering (or learning) process.

Just thinking out loud here…when I say debates between pros, I’m thinking about places like PLAP and The Womb where you could chat about room acoustics, augspurger monitoring, mixers, and music business because those guys have a shit load more experience with it than anyone here. The problem with the womb was they didn’t a rats ass about hobbyists and beginners. They either made fun of them or flat out ignored them. I remember Dave (chckn8r) mentioning similar observations. And they’d do other stupid shit like attack people for not having an acceptable DA converter. It happens anywhere, but if that happened here, it’d get called out by other people assuring the person that their convert is probably not their weakest link.

I’m still getting a feel for PLAP…it seems much friendlier. But discussion seems to revolve around Warrens academy lessons. There is a ‘lounge’ there, but Its not free and open enough to really get to know people. There’s really a lot of trying to impress other people there though. Sort of like what you were saying about the mask thing.


Sounds great, but I don’t think I could contribute much from any depth of knowledge…
On the other hand:[quote=“Emma, post:5, topic:1665”]
Who uses their microphone back to front?
How to take the dumb out of drum
why read music when you can just make stuff up? (see what I did there :wink:)
Coiling cables - clockwise or anti-clockwise? (heh)
What to do when the dog chews your speaker stand?
Who hates your music most?
How can you persuade your friends to check out your music?

These are great subjects as well, specially because

  1. there’s no other place on the net that I know of that would be so disarmingly honest.
  2. I’m sure we’ve all been there
  3. I can finally contribute from a wealth of knowledge and insights :joy:

Just a few more ideas:

  • why the hell would you want to spend years of your life learning an incredibly difficult trade/ art knowing you’ll never be more than just another amateur, and that your music will never be heard by anyone except your buddies from the IRD?
  • how do you decide on what to buy for your studio when there is no subject that people actually agree on?
  • why did’nt anybody tell me there was such a thing as a Helmholz resonator, and that it’s easy to build and can solve all my sub bass problems (been reading up on this tonight, so my hopes are high)
  • can I learn to sleep while working on in my studio?

By the way Emma, my dog gets very restless in the studio (or anywhere else - she’s a labrador with ADHD). If I want her to go back upstairs I just play my harmonica. :smile_cat: