This Forum Rocks!

This Forum Rocks!
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I am totally digging this software and the choices you gents have made with implementation of it. The quote feature is WAY better then it was at RR. It is fast and intuitive. Great work!.


@holster and the rest of the original testers created something awesome! I hopw we can turn it into a great community!


I am in violent agreement with @Paul999. The new format was jarring at first but it has totally grown on me and I can now fly around the site very efficiently. And the energy here is palpable, for now at least. (I just love to use the word palpable.) Nice to need at least half an hour to get through all the new posts that have appeared just since this morning. :sunglasses:

And no question, this renewed activity has been a spark for some creativity for me. I have three new originals in work now after struggling for nearly ten months with a creative block. Something just clicked about ten days ago, and I’m sure glad it did. One of the new tunes was sparked by a conversation here a few days ago with @Greg_L and @BigAlRocks about “option overload”, where Greg used the phrase paralysis by analysis. Being an opportunistic bastid, I stole it flagrantly, and it’s the title (and hook) of the new tune, which is now fully written. I just have to get the rest of the instrumentation tracked. Hopefully soon…


Thank you @Paul999! I agree. I only dug around and found what other places were using and found a lot of positive things said about this software. It’s the rest of these guys and girls that are making this site as fun as it is. Like @Chordwainer, this has given me a renewed energy with my music ventures and I’m excited to see what comes of it. Hopefully this will be palpable in my projects (see what I did there @Chordwainer? :wink: ).


Yeah it is getting me pumped too. The energy being given off by the site is so thick that you can almost feel/taste it in the air. (see what i did there :joy:)


Yea, it’s nice they use software that was written in the 21st century.

I was at RR this morning and Firefox is reporting it as a deceptive site that may contain malware.
Guessing that some people reported it when they were not getting the products they purchased.


Yep, see this thread:

Jay, that’s a pretty good explanation for how it got that way, with people not getting any response from a KHR purchase or some such…



We are a COMMUNITY! AND yes we do kickass!


I’ll just jump in and agree. I really like the setup you made here. It just seems to work really well.


Loving the renewed vigor here too - kudos @holster !


Keep it that way, you rox dude :beerbang:


As of this morning, it shows 74 members. This place is jumpin. Every time I log on it takes me half an hour at least to read all the new stuff since last visit, even when it’s been only half a day… and we have also attracted some super great new members whom I haven’t known before. Given how much hand-wringing we all went thru on RR before this move got made, I would declare this experiment a resounding success. :clap: :atom:


…and that folks is an official NASA scientific deduction !

What can we do to celebrate the 100th member…?


Hey, just a random comment here. Just wanted to extol the virtues of how this forum software works again. Being able to simply drag and drop files into the editor; being able to highlight and quote from multiple places (even multiple threads) into a single response with just a couple clicks; the keyboard shortcuts; embedding a web-linked audio file and having it default to the inline player; all of this makes for such a great experience.

And the energy, I say again, is palpable. A major buzz happening, and I’m digging it! :fist::+1::cool:


I am back in this thread again because I just want (at the risk of being maudlin) to let y’all know that talking music here this past week-ten days has been particularly valuable to me. I’ve been dealing with an incredibly difficult situation at work with one of my staff scientists; I will skip the details, but suffice to say I have been earning every bit of my keep with by far the hardest and most challenging problem I’ve had to deal with in my professional life. Having this community here to get lost in and forget my day-to-day has been sanity-saving. So thank you all – @holster, @cptfiasco, @BigAlRocks, and all the others who got this place off the ground, and all of you who are making this rejuvenated and renewed community what it is. Music is healing, and you have been healing me this week. I am grateful.


@Chordwainer, you’re a big part of this too. You helped provide valuable input in our direction and your participation. Don’t think it went unnoticed;)

I genuinely hope this week brings some peace with your work situation. Hang in there bud!


I am a late bloomer , and a very small part of this. You and everyone involved contributes to our success.

Wish you the best with your profession, I am currently beaming with pride that I trained a young guy (over the course of a year) to take my position, he is going on his first job alone , well with my “soon to be” old crew. A beautiful gulf beach roadway to resurface, is a perfect way to pop his cherry.


Hey! Do you remember a while ago on RR before the crash that after I posted a cover tune you chided me about doing more originals? Well, I have posted three originals in as many weeks here… how d’ya like me now?!? :sunglasses::space_invader::nerd::volcano:


Yes! I just listened to “head in the sand” and really liked it, you are gaining artistic momentum!

I need to spend a day to “bash”, there is a bunch of great stuff I quickly listened to on my phone, that definitely needs further scrutiny . 'WeBeeJammin’


Totally awesome… total agreement here. I have no real clue about RR. Never been there and I tend to stay away from forums for many of the same reasons folks stay away from forums. :slight_smile:
But I’m hooked…
Good folks and good format