The Alchemy Index - Bitter Township

The Alchemy Index - Bitter Township

Thanks mate :slight_smile:

I didn’t do any reverb (yet) on the vocals :slight_smile: But I guess you’re right. It does sound a bit up front.
Other then the vocals, what do you mean with constricted? Could you elaborate a bit on that :smiley:

Thanks for checking it out!



I think my main issue really is with the vocals not having any reverb/delay. I hesitate to elaborate further, because that may just fix everything that I had a problem with. I’m not super technical when it comes to picking out what’s wrong.

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It is mainly the drum transients, although the mix overall feels a little bit over-emphasised in the frequency region I mentioned.

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Nicely done. I would like a little more space in the mix. i think part of it the lack of the low mids is making it thin and almost brought to a point giving off the vibe that it is not that big a song.

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Nicely done, Jelle. Love the lead’s voice, BTW. Nice scream vocals! All instruments come thru clearly. One thought is that the high hats sound a little too compressed to me. Maybe the attack is too short cuz the transients don’t come thru enough (esp on the verses). Just doesn’t sound right. But then again, what do I know! Just learning about these things myself. :slight_smile:

In any event, I really like what you did.

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Thanks mate :slight_smile: A soon I do a revision, I’m going to do that and share the result.

Ok, I’ll check it across all tracks, fix the cymbals, and see if thats enough to tame them :slight_smile:

Thanks mate! Would do you mean with the space in the mix part? Any speciffic parts or instruments you would suggest keeping this suggestion in mind? Because in the first reaction of @ColdRoomStudio he made the argument that Brians mix was more epic, “glued” then mine, so I would think there is more space in my mix already, or am I seing what you’re suggestion the wrong way ? :smiley:
I’m gonna check my last edits to the bass track, and see if I overdid it. I don’t realy have a thin sound on my system though, but it could be because of that I overdid it. We’ll see after the revised version :slight_smile:

Weird :smiley: I only have compression on the fx channel of the drums :smiley: I’ll have a look at it though. Might be just the volume of the hihat track thats causing this.

Join the club mate :smiley: haha

Just to be sure, its not me :wink: found the tracks online.

Sorry for the late reply’s guys. had a bussy week :slight_smile:



Sounds great! Few comments (at least stuff that hasn’t been mentioned I think):

  • when comparing against Brian’s mix, yours has a lot less midrange info… very “scooped” sound. While I know that’s a mixing decision that you’ve made and is a preference thing, my preference tends to like some more of the mids in there (but not necessarily as much as Brian’s). I’m listening on headphones so I don’t want to throw specific frequency ranges out there… I may revisit once I get home in front of monitors.
  • I think the guitars need more “power”, and I have a feeling a lot of it would come from adding some of that mid goodness that I mentioned above back to them. as well as maybe pushing them up slightly in the mix, at least in the choruses to give them a nice little lift.
  • bass guitar sounds pretty badass… I haven’t seen the raw tracks on this one so I don’t know if it came with that tone, but I prefer the way you mixed it over Brian’s.

Great listen! Thanks!

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yeah sorry i should have been more specific. I feel like it is all around the center and i just found it lacking in low mids. I think that lack of mids is the big part of what is making it feel a bit thin. It is not much and it probably is just a taste thing.

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Thanks for listening :slight_smile:

Yeah, after mixing mine, and then going to check his, that was the first thing I noticed as well :slight_smile: Maybe I went a bit to hard on the cut’s, and I think I would prefer a little bit more mids as well.

I’m gonna keep that in mind when I do a revision one of these days. :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley: Was aiming for baddass :stuck_out_tongue: haha. Actually it took a lot of processing. wasn’t a great DI track. At least not on the players part. Not terrible, but could be tighter :slight_smile:
I did the 3 tracks approach. 1 DI track just for everything under 200Hz, 1 track with and amp for everything above 700Hz, and then another track like that, but then with a bass distortion in front of the amp, and also above 700Hz. I think even a bit higer. Then lots of compression and limmitting and more EQ until the meter almost stopped moving :smiley:

None the less, I will take it into account with my revision :slight_smile: thanks mate!



I think I should also mention, that everything but the cymbals/overheads (and the vocals ofcourse :smiley:) is done with sims and sampler.

Drums = slate drums 4
Bass = podfarm 2
Guitars = Mercuriall reaxis (mesa boogie modling)

I used primarally Fabfilter plugins. The C2, Q2, MB, L, R2 and Saturn. A lot of saturn :smiley: . Mostly just ‘warm tube’ saturation with some high and prescense boost. L1 and L2 from waves, and a little bit of the stock maximiser from cubase on the two bus.



I think the confusion comes in because the word “space” can mean different things in different contexts.

When we talk about frequency space, it is the opposite of glue because generally it means there is more separation between the different elements in the mix, and each can be heard more clearly.

On the other hand, talking about “space” in the mix referring to the ambient effects like reverb and delay, then this can have the opposite effect of frequency space - it can glue the mix together and make all the parts less distinct and separated. Delays especially can make a mix sound “bigger” and more “epic”

In Brian’s mix, he has a lot of ambient fx and more low mids. This both glues the mix together and adds to its sense of “epic-ness”.



Aaah, I see what you mean :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification! Gonna do a revision now, hope I can put it up in a few :slight_smile:



Uploaded a revision :slight_smile:

My thought is, its an improvement :slight_smile:

Glad I did it !


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Wow. what a difference! This is very nice. Sounds full and very “professional.” It creates more energy.

I love what you did here. And I like what you did with the drums. Very realistic. I’d bring them up more, though. In this genre drums are more prominent. I know you said you used Slate drums: are they played live with triggered samples, or are these loops? Very nice.

Sound on the guitars is excellent. Not familiar with Mercuriall reaxis. I use mainly S-Gear. These are sweet. Nicely played also.

And I LOVE the scream vox. IDK if I wanna say they could be a little louder, so much as maybe more automation. There are parts where they’re loud enough, and parts where not.

But don’t touch the guitars and bass, baby! They’re awesome. Don’t change anything with EQ either. You should feel really good about this mix! Thanks for sharing.

Oh, and BTW, very creative ending!

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Yeah that is feeling good. Nice to hear the progress on the mix. Thanks for sharing.

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Yeah your right. Somehow the drums got a bit lost :s Wierd :slight_smile: I think I did some last tweaking that got fucked up. Gonna have to go back again I guess :smiley:

Some of your compliments sound as if you think I played and sang those parts :slight_smile:

Mercurial have pretty nice sims ! They got marshall, mesa boogie and engl modled pretty well.

The drums are done with a midi file that was provided, and I think it was triggerd cause the velocities look realistic :slight_smile:

Thanks man :slight_smile: I’m trying. Still a bit insecure. Gonna push them drums a bit up, and then I guess its a done deed :slight_smile:

Thanks mate :slight_smile: Just them drums as Tesgin mentioned and I can be happy about this :slight_smile:

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Yessss! I agree with previous comments about the drums, but otherwise this sounds great… just needs some balancing.

I think the vocals can come up… between the nice wall of guitars and the doubling/verb on the vocals it can get a bit lost. Softer vox around 3:20 are a good example.

For the drums, you may have tried all this… but I’ma mention it anyways! Ducking the bass to the kick drum always helps, and sometimes I’ll duck the guitars very slightly to the snare drum… that definitely helps them poke through. Clipping them is also useful. I think here they can generally come up a bit in the mix, but the stuff I mentioned can help the kick/snare hit a bit harder without pushing up the overall drums too much. Parallel compression/distortion to taste as well.

Great improvement though… this is coming along really well!



Nice improvement! +1 on bringing the drums back up! :+1:



I only listened to your latest revision. My first reaction was that the low end felt really rumbly, almost like it’s been too compressed with a multiband compressor, or maybe just the bass is too compressed (which is something I never thought I’d say).

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Maybe I put it a little too loud this time. I had the ‘‘opposit’’ remark on earlyer versions so maybe I over adjusted. :blush: Also put a little multiband compression on the master 5 bands. Maybe thit slight touch could cause problems? Was realy just guessing there and trying to be verry subtle.