Tascam US2x2 Audio Interface plus power supply

Tascam US2x2 Audio Interface plus power supply


Everyone here is probably way beyond me in the hardware department, but I’ll give this a try anyway.
Nothing whatsoever wrong with this. I’m just thinking of “upgrading” to a Focusrite with more monitoring options.

If you want to buy it off there, after we agree on the price, I’ll send it however you want and you pay the postage. I’m not trying to make money off that. I’ve got plenty of boxes and packing materials, etc. Message me if you might be interested. Thanks!


Well, after “selling” it on Reverb, I found out that in order for you to be able to accept a payment from Reverb in PayPal, you must give PayPal your banking information. That’s a no-go for me. I’ve always just used a PP “balance” and charge PP purchases to a credit card. I will NOT give them my bank info.

All that is to say, I’ve relisted it on eBay where PayPal should work as it always has. I’ve updated the initial post with the pertinent info.