Summarize This Topic

Summarize This Topic


A Website Feature I just saw and am curious about. On my thread
I noticed a blue button on the OP that said “Summarize This Topic”. Above that it says “There are 57 replies with an estimated read time of 25 minutes.” If I click on that it summarizes to 13 posts. Then there is a blue button on the OP (at the bottom of the post) that says “Show All Posts” so you can restore the hidden content.

I assume this works for anyone, at least if they are logged in?

So … is the forum software suggesting I’m long-winded? :smirk:

I have often wondered, how do you make a forum more efficient, how to extract the maximum amount of information and context in the shortest amount of time. Is this the way?


Even after ‘restoring’ the thread, it had hidden 3 replies, and gave me a link to click on to reveal those. Tricky.