Site audio player cutting out

Site audio player cutting out
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The audio player has been cutting out once I start to scroll down a thread… I noticed it first on the Cold Room mix, it starts playing fine but when I scroll down the page a little, it cuts out and when i checked, it’s re-set to the beginning of the song again. A strange streaming thing?? I just checked it on another song and it did the same thing… continued to play for a few more seconds as I scrolled down and then stopped. Pretty sure it didn’t do this before… coz I really like the way I can read while listening. LOVE the way I can compare tracks through the player with no internet hassles…

Anyone else notice the stalling issue?? Am using chrome via laptop.


yep i just noticed it the last couple of days.


It just happened to me, I made it all the way down to the reply button, thinking hmmm no problem here, the blam-O! Player went zoinky.


I’ll check it out! Thanks for the heads-up!!


It may be the result of an update I did the other day. I have a post out to the folks that work with the software. They’re usually very responsive :wink:


Yay… it’s so nice to have someone sorting out issues…thanks!!!


@Emma No problem! I already received a response that they’re working on the fix for us :beerbang:


The update that I did this morning fixed the problem! :robot:

@emma, feel free to mark this as “solved” :wink:


Now I’ve got to figure out how to do that… heh…


To the left of the “like” button (heart), there is a checkbox that lets you marks someone’s response as solved.

Only the person that starts the topic/thread has the ability to mark the solution. Nice feature.


nice… :boom:


Awesome! It also puts an indicator on the Subject, so people can quickly see if a problem has been solved. I dig it :thumbsup:


Beat that RR! …sorry got caught up in the moment


haha. I’m pretty sure it helps with search engines also.


Now that is slick. Being able to tell at a glance that a similar problem to what one might be experiencing has found a solution is golden!


just noticed the player cutting out again while I was listening to Josh’s track mix 2 First submission - Light Before the Dawn. Please destroy… it was fine for a short scroll but as I moved further up the page it kept dropping out so I just thought i’d let you know :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads up!!


It was a mercy. :joy:


@Cirrus noooo… twas a tragedy…



Hi Emma I have programed my set up and told it exactly what I like in songs and it automatically cuts out if that taste isn’t quickly achieved. tee hee