Server update! (please read)

Server update! (please read)


Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone!
A couple weeks ago, I attempted to move us over to a new server and switch us over to https, but I ran into some hiccups, so I postponed the move to figure out the issue. In the meantime, I keep running us out of drive space. In light of the recent drive issues, I’m going to go ahead and move us over to the new server today and at least take care of that issue. It would’ve been nice to move over and have everything at once, but I’ll just need to tackle a little at a time.

As I move us over, you’ll find moments when the website it down temporarily, but I’ll try to keep everyone posted. I’m hoping to start the process in the next half hour or so. Thank you all for your patience!!




Thanks and good luck!


I’m going to start the backup right now :slight_smile:


Not too sure if you have completed the update but I have got straight on here with no problems.

Speaking of which, I must visit more often and get involved again!


Awesome! You’re at the right place!

YES! It’s great to have you here! Dive back in!

Also… We may be putting another contest together this week that could be of interest to you, so keep an eye out for that :wink:


Another update… We are successfully moved over to the new server. Faster AND more capacity :+1:


Yeah, I haven’t ran into any problems with this site either. It’s just a smooth as it was before.


Bring on the masses!


I’m wrapping up some details on the next contest too! :beerbanger: