Public polls for contest

Public polls for contest


To help the community progress together and even gain confidence in making an honest decision , During contests we could use a public poll.

Public polls would place your avatar picture by the choice you have picked.

I will put one here:

Do you want public polls for contests?

  • YES
  • NO

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Vote now.

Dear "1" voter

Public polls will keep people from being honest. No one wants to be crucified for having an actual opinion that might not go along with the groupthink and/or buddy-buddy vibe in here.


Yes, it definitely has its drawbacks. Is it worth saving the person gouging your “score” while possibly keeping people from voting entirely, or going along with the group as you have mentioned


Yes, you should be allowed to vote low if you feel the mix/song does not hold up, but I think what people want (with a low score) is an answer to why and some possible advice to better their mix.


To me, strictly as an outsider, I look at your “contest” and it’s a convoluted clusterfuck of rules and hoops to jump through. If all of that can be undermined by gaming the system with troll voting, then maybe the system needs to be reconsidered. Just a thought.


Gutless fucks dropping low scores, without taking the time to comment. As an outsider myself, this is a bit of a joke tbh.



I rarely contribute to this site anymore, but I feel a lot of the members (could be wrong) need a bunch of feedback from the people critiquing their work. Though some people voting would rather vote what they think and move on. Either way is not right or wrong, but encouraged to at least vote in some fashion. Public polling only protects people from purposefully dropping someone’s score…


you hear my entry, you are horrified by lack of mixing skills or just do not like it. You vote a 1 and leave. I return the next day and see you have voted a 1, I could @gregl you and ask why you think this was so bad or just accept the fact that you did not like it.

Is public polling the answer?..not entirely


The complete rundown of rules has a bunch of legal jargon that I need to seperate as the ‘small print’. But in reality, the basic rules of the contest are quite simple and have proven in the past to work just fine. I agree that I need to clean that up though. It’d be good to have a basic rundown with the small print as a follow up or seperate link. The troll voting thing has always been one of the downsides though and is factored in.


I’ve been a member (albeit a mostly silent one) of this community since back in the RR days. It’s true that I mostly lurk and read, but it’s mainly because I don’t usually feel qualified to critique the work. I can usually only comment on what I “like” or what I “don’t like.” One of the things that keeps me coming back it that this is a pretty tight community. A lot of these folks have been commenting on and supporting one another’s work for a long time… and they have become “friends” online. However, this has not deteriorated into a love-fest or mutual-admiration society.

For the most part folks here are both supportive AND constructively critical, offering opinions and suggestions on how to improve the work. I do not believe that identifying the voter in a contest poll would prevent folks from offering legitimate critical analysis on a mix. Even if you can’t put your finger on it but you just “don’t like” what you’re hearing, I think the people here would say so… and without fear of being ‘crucified’ for having their own opinion. That’s what makes this place different than most.

It’s been my observation that the people here do (appropriately) gauge their responses. This site welcomes ALL levels of recording enthusiasts from beginner to pro and the people here are wise enough to deal with each type of user accordingly. I only posted a recording once for bashing, and the comments I received were critical and at the same time supportive. I know there had to be an ENDLESS list of things wrong with my recording, but I wasn’t berated or belittled over every item that could use improvement. I received some encouraging words along with helpful criticism, as well as suggestions from some really talented people as to what I could do to improve my submission. That atmosphere alone sets this place apart from most ‘communities’ on the 'net. IRD actually is a community.


wow, since I havent entered any contests I have evidently missed a lot of drama lol

of course if we had a magic button to push to make all drama disappear, the internet would no longer exist


I think polls are a good idea. I think the Captain can come up with the proper encouragement to offer constructive criticism when low scores are given. The site is kind of buddy-buddy right now, I agree, and there is nothing wrong with that. I think we need more activity, and sometimes that happens when people disagree, as long as it is done properly.
Yes it can be crushing to have someone tell you that your music sucks, but in that person’s mind if it’s honest that’s how it goes. If there are enough people voting in the polls people will throw out the top and bottom stuff and concentrate on what the majority thinks.
If some of the infighting gets serious, maybe we could funnel that off to a new category, like Shack VS. Godzilla or something like that, and let the Captain determine the final outcome. The uglier the better, since most people won’t bother with it unless they are involved in a death match with someone else, and that will allow for blowing off steam for the less introverted among us. (I write this at least partially in jest).


im not sure of the range of votes (is it 1-10?)…but maybe it could be required that any vote from a 3 or below requires a public name and the expectation that some explanation could be given as to why it required such a low vote


That’s a good point.
I voted in favour of public polls, but I might be less honest if the poll is public. I have a hard time telling people that they suck.


Some people have hard telling others that they are good, especially inexperienced mixers. They feel like they cannot rate on a “top-notch” mix/song.


I’m going to vote no, but only because I think it will hold people back from voting what they really think. My range from 0 - 10 would automatically be reduced to 5-10. The worst mix would get a 5 from me, because nobody wants to be voted less than a 5. All it would do is inflate the voting system and turn it into a battle between the 9.5s and the 9.6s instead of the 7s and 8s.


I guess the point is…does anyone REALLY think a mix is a 1?? or are they just saying 1 for spiteful or trolling purposes??

in a way its no different than being held accountable for stuffing a ballet box or yelling fire in a theater or pulling a fire alarm for no reason. If a person puts a 1 or a 2 they should be able to articulate why they did so. No halfway decent mix is a 1 or 2

maybe there could be a general scale set up sort of like the kelly blue book.

for a mix to be a “1” it would have to have crazy errors like missing parts, parts not on the same beat etc

even a 4 is a huge way from a 1


I have made plenty of “1” mixes on purpose or not.


And unfortunately, this is the needy, internet sheep culture we find ourselves trapped in today, where it’s easier to suck someone’s dick and tell them they’re awesome, as opposed to being truthful, or on the flipside, be underhanded and gutless with an anonymous low score.
No one wants to hear their work “sucks”, and frankly, if you’re the type of person who would say that to someone, you need to examine your existence. It’s not hard to give an honest criticism to someone who has obvious fundamental errors in their mix without being condescending or rude.
By all means give a low score, if you think that’s what the mix deserves, but you better be able to back it up with why you did so.


well on 95% of the stuff I have ever posted I have been essentially told “it sucks”…but I havent died yet because of it lol

dunno if even my weakest stuff would have actually been a 1 out of 10 though


We ,as artist, have to learn that our “work” will never please everybody. You post enough music/art , you find out everything is subjective. I found out early no one likes my noise so I just do it to please myself.