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Professional Category
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I think there should be some sort of “professional” category (although, I think it should be called something different). Maybe “Business” or something where people can discuss the business side of music making. Everything from taxes to industry trends and connections. Basically anything related to being a music maker for a living. People seem to get into defensive mode pretty quickly when anything business related is posted in a recording category.


Oh yeah???
Says who???


Good idea! I’ve been thinking lately about stripping back the categories to a more basic list.
Maybe strip it down to…

Making music (songwriting, etc)
Recording music (recording, mixing, etc)
Making money with music (gigging, marketing, business)

We could still have subcategories… it’s a thought


ooh, I really like this. When you have fewer choices, it makes it easier to know which section to post in. I find I tend to wonder which category a post should fit in for longer than I should whenever I start a thread.


Over on the “promoting your services” thread I was going to suggest a “Songwriting” category in the interest of getting more diversified eyes on this forum. A place where “just” songwriters would have a place to talk about structure, lyrics and whatnot. Unfortunately, I think the domain name is working against attracting songwriters who want to discuss their craft.“IndieRecordingDepot” attracted me as someone who is learning to mix, and it’s appropriately named for that. Something more generic might help attract more diverse forum-ites. Maybe. (??)

Back on topic, your three categories (other possible names: “Writing”, “Recording/Producing” and “Business/Marketing/TheGrind”) seems like it covers the gamut from conception to consumption… :+1:


I added a banner under the site title (if you refresh the homepage) that describes us better (I think). Let me know what you think. Maybe that will help clarify things for new visitors


Hey, that looks great! (Except is goes black when I mouse over it.)

Out of curiosity, what is the meaning of the colored boxes next to the categories on the drop-down? Blue, red, etc.


Thanks! I noticed the mouse-over thing too and was going to address it, but then I thought, “maybe that will help grab attention”.

The colored boxes come from the software and represent category differences, but we haven’t really been fully utilizing this yet. This will probably be much more useful when we simplify categories.
The idea is that you could look down the list of recent posts and easily spot threads that relate the categories you most like instead of going to the categories page and sifting through there. It’s an idea that’d be useful for some, but probably not all. Thankfully the boxes are small and pretty unobtrusive.


Meh… :frowning:

Put it under the ‘recording mixing’ as a subcategory.

Recording Mixing Producing -> Plugins
Recording Mixing Producing -> Producer Chair
Recording Mixing Producing -> Business


Wait. No I take that back. If threads would be visible form the Categories main page, and from the all categories page then yes.

I see sections like this on other forums die of loneliness. But the all-visible thread pages might make it work here.


Dead sections are bad. But I think (emphasis on think) that if you make each category broad enough, a lot of the normal day to day conversations can fall into them.

For example, “how do you grow your client list” would go in the business section. Or “What do you use for your website?” or “how do you get bars to pay you?”

If it’s too businessy/markety, I think people will stay clear. But there’s a lot of discussion about the audio business that pretty much everyone can take part in, even if they don’t do it for a living.