Please consider supporting IRD on Patreon!

Please consider supporting IRD on Patreon!





Folks in the past have asked about supporting the IRD website and I hadn’t set this up until now. I am grateful for this community and the help you all provide in being a part of this site. If you wish to help this site financially, it is also appreciated and your gift will help support what we are doing and help grow our capabilities.

Thank you!


Huh…is that what I’m supposed to see on the link?


I think you have to create a user account on there and then there’d be a “become a patron” button on that page?

I’m still figuring out all the details :wink:


what happens if you click this link? maybe I had the wrong link


Nope. That second link wasn’t it. hahaha!


Looks like I was correct when I set it up to begin with. You just have to sign up for an account (even via facebook) and select “become a patron” on the IRD Patreon page :slight_smile:


Going to be gone all day for a wedding. I will sign up for this tomorrow.


I don’t see a button to become a patron.


You may not have tied your account to a payment method if that makes sense


I’ve made PayPal my payment method.


When I search for IRD, I don’t find it. Maybe that’s part of the issue. I’m sure we’ll get this going soon. :beerbanger:


Indeed we will! Thanks for helping!


What I am noticing is when I follow the link

https:// www. patreon. com / indierecordingdepot

it redirects to

https:// www. patreon. com / indierecordingdepot / creators

so I’m guessing that there’s a wonky setting on the Patreon side of things. I also tried adding a credit card to my account and still got no further.


Do you have a Patreon member number? I was surfing Facebook and saw a podcast that was linked to Patreon and when I followed their link, it was in this format: https:// www. patreon. com/user?u=8528337

Another thought I have is that maybe you need to create a post under your profile before before that button shows up. (Can you tell I really want to help out? lol)


Awesome! I’ll see if I have a number!


I think I made all the changes necessary to make it work finally! Yay!


I think you should make your tiers have a more solid definition. The way they are worded right now, it sounds like those high school papers where you have to add a bunch of extra words to fill in space when it could have been said in 2 words.

Even if there’s not benefit to the patron for giving more, at least feed it to them straight.

Essentially the message is: “The more you can help, the better.” That’s a perfectly fine message to have. Anyone who frequents here knows that a lot of work goes into keeping this place together, and I think most people would be happy to throw in a few bucks a month if for no other reason than to feel a little less guilty about how much work you put into this place.


It felt that way when I was trying to fill them out also. I’ll see if it’ll let me cut those back some. Most every one of their required boxes had a 100 character minimum :stuck_out_tongue:
But I like your thinking! Also, THANK YOU!