Need a hand from one of you guys/gals that are web savvy

Need a hand from one of you guys/gals that are web savvy
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Hey gang! Due to how Brandon had forwarded recording review over to here, we are experiencing a HUGE jump in our 404 pages. I’d love to have this set up to redirect to his “good bye” thread instead if possible. That was the original intention anyway.

I know what I’d like to see happen, but I need to see if what I’m thinking is doable.

Currently, links from recording review are being redirected to this thread…

However, it is also adding whatever was on the original URL to the end of this one… for example:

I’d rather set it up so that if ANYTHING is on the link after the /397/… that it either gets ignored or routed back to correct URL. Hope that makes sense.



.htaccess files have regular expression capabilities where you should be able to match any characters after 397 and null them out to always redirect to just the /397 url.

Google information on .htaccess and see if that might help you. It’s been a long time since I used them and cannot remember off the top of my head how to do it.


You can code a custom 404 page, either with link or redirect.


I happened to see some “stat” the other day on hits for threads on IRD. The “Goodbye from Brandon” thread had like 15.5k hits compared to several hundred for other threads. I thought that was incredible! But now that you bring this up, I guess many are not getting through. Bummer. :hushed:

Brandon is like one of those legendary dead rock stars (i.e. Bad Company’s “Shooting Star” Johnnie).
Song contest theme! :grin:


Hope it helps!

Redirecting your entire Web site to a different site entirely

If you want to redirect every possible page on your entire Web site to the home page of another site, the best .htaccess command is:

RedirectMatch 302 .*

This command will redirect all requests for any file on your site over to “”. Note that all requests go to the home page of the destination, not the equivalent path. For example, a request for “/about” on your site will be redirected to “”, not to “”.

Taken from Web page redirect