My vision for this site

My vision for this site


Can you set it so that anonymous posts have to be approived, then get a subset of under-moderators to check themn out as they come in.

I’d be happy to check out posts for folks.


Time to set the starpline for the site as “The Fastest Growing Recording site on the net”.


At this point, I have anonymous posting totally disabled, but you do have the ability to flag any post that seems fishy. The flagging system works quite nicely so far. I’ll dig deeper into this idea though. That’d be nice for certain categories. Thank you!!


I hope you keep it this way. I do not think it is too much to ask of someone to register with this forum in order to be able to post.


allowing anonymous posting is like purposefully contracting stage 4 cancer. Is contracting cancer a thing? I don’t know the right word for it.


i think the site and people that frequent it should make for an informative and enjoyable online music community.
however i do feel you should slam down hard on things like bullying/racism/noob destroying etc. not that i expect to see any of that but some sites just turn into a look what gear i have and how much does your studio cost this is all you need to avoid.

helping people with general mixing issues and production issues is great as long as everybody involved speaks within their experience level and doesn’t ry and shout a load of shit they know nothing about or vice versa slams down people who need help.

music is a journey, audio engineering is engineering in the fact the more brains on the same page, the better the end result.
lest hope we can work together to create a wonderful web site and great music.

love you all


I think we need to get a concrete idea of what "the next level"is. My idea, fwiw, would be to offer a site that can take you from a beginner(possibly through archival informatiion where appropriate), to actively promoting music through the site, or actively promoting production/engineering skills through the site. With a little cooperation this could help to sustain the site financially, and take some of the load off the founding fathers.


That’s essentially what I was getting at :+1:


I see this forum as a chance to give back to the music community. When you start and have that enthusiasm, you don’t care much about reciprocity, hence the “selfish window shoppers”. As you mature as a mixing hobbyist, down further that looong highway ( @holster forgive the pun ) you realize that you no longer need information as much as you did before, but that leaves space to want to GIVE information. This is my take on @madpsychot point of view, when he says “Virtue is the reward in itself”. Last but not least, even us as “teachers” are life-long students for life in itself is a giant lesson, since Adam and Eve’s times. And if you see someone discussing plug-ins is because Linux, the second most spread OS in the world, which is also free, is based on a wonderful community, who enjoys using it, and gives it the credit it deserves. That’s the price of being open-source.

Just my two cents!


Very well said Arber! :sunglasses:


Glad we think alike @Chordwainer. I hope someday i will be able to sing a wise song, just like the ancient bards did once upon a time.


hehe, where have I heard that before? Same concern I had.


I’ve just signed up to this forum this week (ex RR member) One of the first articles I fell upon was this thread and @holster’s vision. I quickly read thru some of the reply’s and felt good about the topic that was being tossed around. Today my intention was to come back and read all the thread.
You know what made me feel good about reading every ones comments? Was how everyone was voicing their reasons for caring about THIS community. Made me want to say something about it too. To be a part of '‘I care about this too’'
It’s just a thought. But what if members were encouraged or directed to read this thread or something like it, and asked to voluntary declare what they would like and/or want to bring in to this community. Say maybe got a badge or a mention or something for doing so (we do for other things).
I think it would foster a sense of belonging, membership. To put down in black and white in my own words what my expectations & intentions are. Those that would - will and those that don’t - won’t.
Just an idea that’s all.


I like where you’re going with this. And it’s super easy to do some badges like you’re saying. I’d love to see some folks take some ownership over certain aspects and run with it!


Hi @holster, My thinking is that as members see and read what other members have stated about what this site means to them, creates a snowball effect of good stewardship. A testimony of good will. Say for example someone is having their song bashed by @bozmillar or @Jonathan or @Emma, they would know from reading the ‘‘Community Vision’’ thread that these members care about this site and in a sense would feel that they too themselves are also a part of a caring community.
I know now for a fact from reading this thread that Boz and Jonathan and Emma and the others care about this site and if any of these folks were to comment on something I brought in to be bashed, I would feel confident their opinion would be in my best interest.
I better stop here.


The hardest part about the ownership thing is that it’s really hard to feel like you have ownership over something if you don’t know what your bounds are. I think for people to feel like they have ownership, they need a task to have ownership over.

I mean, I’d be happy to turn this forum into a big ad campaign for my plugins, but I don’t think anybody really wants that.

people are happy to make threads and participate in conversations. But once it gets beyond that and it becomes real work, it’s a completely different deal. I would imagine that there are very few people that are willing to trade out work and family time to create and maintain a project for the fun of it. All of us would love to contribute to something like that, but to actually own it is a different story.


That’s essentially what I mean. It’d be awesome if folks had some tasks in mind that they’d like to take on. I’m more than happy to help figure out the details and boundaries from there!


When all else fails, try playing Follow The Leader or Simon Says. :wink: As the leader, Bryan, people look to you for leadership both in what you want for the site and what you need help with. What needs to be done, or is not getting accomplished?

For example, on RR (whether Brandon prompted it or not) there were some tasks that got accomplished during the course of forum participation. At any one time, there was a cadre of “greeters” to welcome any new members into the community (which seems to work about the same here). That’s a pretty essential function if you want to build a community. There was also mention of KHR Setting Up when a new member indicated they were looking for guidance. That was awesome, as it was a way to refer someone to help without investing tons of your own time tutoring them. I don’t know if Brandon planned it that way, but it seemed to work splendidly. When things got slow, there seemed to be an intuitive urge to create new threads to get things moving (or take the opportunity a person had been waiting for), or Brandon created a New Threads contest. When a mixing contest was rolled out, judges were requested, and usually a sufficient number volunteered.

Whether recruited or not, those needs were self-evident. And by and large they could be accomplished whilst someone was doing their daily online time. But they were driven by leadership comments, innuendos, commands, and general Supreme Overlord Commander (remember that hubris? :sunglasses:) banter. It needs to be needed in order for people to respond, and you have to ask (usually). :grimacing: That’s leadership.

The terms “taking on” and “stepping up” are for corporate minions looking to climb the ladder of success (for a paycheck). You’re dealing with volunteers here. It has to be fun and minimal time investment, at least at first. And something you can do while you’re already here.


Keep it simple to begin with, a first post to express what a member see’s as their vision of the site, what would be important to them.Totally a volunteer thing. @Stan_Halen hit the nail on the head about the leadership thing whenever that becomes necessary. Consider @holster you began this post and look at how many of the members responded to it expressing an inner most desire of what and how important it is to them that this forum succeed - It fosters ownership -


Just an idea here, but maybe starting with a weekly news update - an ongoing pinned thread in the Indie Spotlight category or something - about current events on the site or a weekly summary of activities. Kind of the recreational director on the Love Boat or something like that, informing in summary what is going on with the site and pointing out opportunities. That’s something a community can benefit from, and it might help with this idea of rounding up volunteers to “do something”. First, you need to know what is going on and have an appreciation of the site’s culture and direction. I’d say that’s something you, Bryan, should start since you probably have the best overview of all of this. Maybe someone would volunteer to pick it up at some point.

People like to know what’s going on, so it’s up to someone to communicate that in a meaningful way. Also, creating a bit of excitement without it being fakey or contrived can go a long way. Just pick up on what’s naturally happening and see where it can go or suggest creative ideas for where it could go. As I said before, I think this is a leadership initiative. Just start it and try it out for a month or something and see what the response is. When the community sees leadership taking that interest and initiative, it may spark other things. It indicates that there is ongoing support for what is happening.

In particular, the status of the site and the “leadership team” are key things to be transparent about. Since many of us went through the meat grinder of the RR collapse, we’re naturally a bit shell-shocked about how a site is run; or how it’s perceived to be run (which can be rectified with communication). For instance, I have no clear idea who the moderators/leaders currently are or who is involved or not involved. I mean, I guess I have some idea, but lots of questions. The site started out with Bryan (Holster), Coldroom, Boz, Paul999, Big Al, and Cptfiasco IIRC. Oh, and Electriclight, but he seems to have bailed? Nobody talks about these things. It would be better to get it out in the open and be transparent. You know what they say: “Elephants never forget”. :wink: Bryan, Coldroom, and Boz are very involved still, Big Al posts occasionally. I haven’t seen anything from Paul since his Metal Contest. Not a peep. Cptfiasco either.

These were the appointed leaders and volunteer do’ers was my understanding. Maybe that has changed? I think it would help to keep everyone updated on these things, to build trust and confidence - especially when it comes to asking for additional volunteer efforts. And a news update weekly (or frequently anyway) would help keep everyone on the same page. Maybe mention new members to the site to officially welcome them, mention special Badge upgrades or accomplishments, successful thread topics, music industry highlights, etc. Your typical watercooler, newsfeed, Entertainment Weekly type thing.