My vision for this site

My vision for this site


Amen brother. Thank you.


I think I’ve always had issues with people coming and not participating, especially to the BTR section. Because as I said, I think it is the heart of what made RR different. You don’t find that anywhere else that I know of. Except on paid/private sites of such and such “would be producers” online.
I’ve said that to long time RR people as well, actually, so I’m not trying to single you out, I thought that the dwindling participation in BTR is what killed this site, ultimately.


That’s not a unique RR problem. That problem is internet-wide. The very large site my bros and I came from had a once-thriving “bash” section. Five-to-ten years ago it was quite amazing. It slowly and very surely died off. There are a lot of posts with very few or no replies. My own theory on that is that home recording has become too easy and too prevalent. There are too many people doing it. Combine that with the very selfish look-at-me nature of modern social networking internet society and you’re left with a lot of wanting and taking and no giving.


I agree about the narcissistic modern society, and how people want and never care about giving, but I’m not sure recording being easy is such a bad thing. Sure there’s a lot more shitty music out there, and finding good music is like looking for a needle in a haystack, but these tools benefit good musicians too, so it’s not all negative.


No, it’s not all negative. But back in the day, only serious and/or talented people had the opportunity to record and/or release stuff. Back when labels mattered and recording studios were actual places, a band/artist had to have their shit together to record their music. It took money, time, talent, drive, etc. It was a serious undertaking for serious people. There was more exclusivity. Not anyone would fork over the money to waste time in a recording studio. Did that leave some hidden gems out? Probably quite a few. But we weren’t inundated with poorly done crap either. I personally don’t see it as a good thing that literally anyone can get their crap “out there” without any skill, technique, or personal investment. All it’s done is made it even more difficult for the actual deserving, talented people that can benefit from the new ease of recording.

Maybe that’s elitist, and I don’t like it, but ultimately I guess that’s just how I feel. I’ve unfortunately heard enough home-brewed garbage to have formed that opinion on my own.


Or you could look it another way. Now the consumer has to do more work to find what they like. Where i currently live we had 3 radio stations back in the day and a couple of record stores carrying music. It was easy you listened to what was popular and if you didn’t like it well suck it. But it was easy for the listeners who did like it. I didn’t like it for the most part and am so glad that now i can put in the effort and sort throw the crap and find stuff that i really like. If you told me i had to go back to the good old days of the radio fodder i would scream for days and days and days. Fortunately that is never going to happen because well what is is.
The point of a site like this is that we suck but if we don’t have the opportunity to create, critic, recreate, recritic, repeat some us are in places where we could never get better. Like it or hate it I am here to get better at recording, mixing, mastering and song writing.


Oh I agree. The radio/record store days sucked. I found everything I like through friends and word of mouth. No one played Black Flag on the radio back in my day. Lol.

I’m just talking about the complete saturation of DIY music. It’s permeated all areas, from recording to playing live. Some of it is good, most of it is bad, all of it makes everything more watered down.


I kind of agree. It’s certainly easy to physically record something, but it’s not that easy to make good sounding songs. I think the prevalence is a big issue though. You end up with a lot of people who really aren’t that into it. They can make ok recordings with little effort, but have no interest in putting in the effort to go beyond that.

But also keep in mind that the world of DIY music feels saturated because all of us here are in the thick of it. Everything feels saturated when you are in the very center of it. But the number of guitarists and songwriters and musicians of all sorts that have no idea what an XLR cable is far outnumbers the number of musicians that do.


Between a few threads, you guys gave me plenty of homework today! I’m loving some of the direction you guys helped with today. Feels like we’re starting to fine-tune this site into the mighty beast that it could be. I’m stoked! I think I’ll start with making a clear “beginners” section as @bozmillar suggested. I did make a beginner’s recording category, but I think I’ll make an actual beginner’s section.
What I will say this though… It’s going to take a commitment from several of us to make sure we’re contributing to that section so that the beginners feel safe and welcome. We were all in their shoes at some point. And of any forum I’ve been a part of, you guys have always been pretty mindful of that, so I’d say “keep up the good work”.
What I think we’ll need to be careful of though is the snappy/short answers of “why would you even want that?” or “(insert software or hardware name here) is garbage”, etc. in that section. We all have our opinions from our personal experience, but that won’t be the section for it. Beginners need to be encouraged or they’ll just go their own direction and make the ‘garbage’ music that some of you mentioned. As they develop and feel safe sharing, they’ll be much more open to your suggestions. Hope that makes sense :wink:


I will sure help anybody if I can offer any. I will also heavily moderate , if needed.



  1. Focus on BTR, the most valuable feature (for those too shy to comment make a structured template like:
    groove, balance, stereo image, musicianship, lyrics, etc.)
  2. Tips on how to use particular plugins
  3. Import RR content, articles, interviews, top rated threads (as much as possible)


Judging from the post that Brandon made in the Backstage section today, in which he said the site had been hacked, I think we have to resign ourselves to not seeing any of that stuff on RR again. No way would I risk going there again with certain knowledge that the site has been hacked and compromised, and I’m sure the mods of this new forum would have the same concern…

We’ll just have to make a new community here and take it to the next level ourselves. :slight_smile:

But yeah, BTR is still the core, and there is plenty of plugin discussion going on already…


If there is any way that we can get to the RR database to weed some of the valuable articles and threads out, we plan to. It’s just a matter of how much of that we would be able to retrieve without the possibility of bringing over the same bugs that are plaguing the old site.


As much as I owe a great deal to RR, I feel this community should not be a RR version 2.0. We need to keep what was great about it ,and all we learned, and build our own community from this very foundation.


I agree with this wholeheartedly. This is a golden opportunity to take it to the proverbial next level, and we should do that. New era, new directions.


Bryan, I think you should pin/sticky this post while other RR members might still be coming in.


What he said.


Kudos Brian on putting in the effort that many of us wanted to but were unable to to try and salvage the community. I likely will not be as active as I once was on RR due to family obligations etc. but nice to have a place that feels like a renovated home.

One note, you need better names for your Badges. :stuck_out_tongue:



Is there anyway to just have it archived and searchable? Instead of migrating it over, at least keep the knowledge that was disseminated available.



I agree! I may have a contest for that soon :wink: