My vision for this site

My vision for this site


I agree with the “virtue is its own reward” idea, was even going to use that phrase myself! If people are inclined to be helpful and collaborative, they’ll get the satisfaction of having done so. If they’re not, they won’t. The folks who aren’t inclined to help out will be thus disinclined regardless of what tactics for motivation are used, IMO. In other words, incentives aren’t really needed for garnering input from the folks you want (active, collaborative, engaged etc), and will not be effective for those you don’t (the drive-bys etc.)

Positive reinforcement is my favorite motivational tool, that’s for sure…


You are correct.


We don’t need these guys taking over the site…

haha! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m more concerned with spammers than I am hackers.


Yeah, that and the other potential I could see is if I wanted to trash talk somebody, I could just log out, say whatever and then log back in as myself. That kind of thing.

I DO like the idea of enabling facebook etc connections. That could work out really well.


From my own point of view, I’ve watched hundreds of hours of YouTube videos on mixing. I’ve bought a number of books. I’ve acoustically treated my room, and set up my studio the best way my amateur brain can handle. What I lack is the human touch now. I would love to throw a mix or two up, or samples os recordings that I’m trying out and getting actual people to listen to them and without any judgements or ego let me know where I can improve. I don’t really know what level anybody else is at, but I can say with confidence that I am not even close to where I want to be yet.

To get to that place, I will happily share what I know about DAWs, vocal recording, writing songs and anything else I can. If this forum can achieve this while being friendly and funny then I really have found a new home!


That’s absolutely the goal! Not sure how much funny I can bring since I have 3 younger kids, so most of my current humor is “dad jokes”, but I’ll give it my best :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Thankfully, we have plenty of other contributors too.


@holster I think you should put a mission statement in the “About” page.
For now, I see “Recording, mixing, marketing and gigs for indie artists”, which is a bit short…

@cptfiasco I’m afraid no reward system is going to incite people to get involved if they don’t care about what’s going on on the site. As to posts having lots of views and little answers, I wonder if there is a way to filter anonymous views. For BTR in particular, I guess the regulars get tired of bashing after a while, and then there are people who come and put their tunes for promotion purpose, they will barely acknowledge a bash, will never even try to implement any suggestion, and don’t bash or participate in any way, some will also take offense because you suggested that their mix is lacking this or that, so you tend to avoid commenting on these quickly… I guess the name of the game is “reciprocity”, which is the natural response you tend to wait for when you put some effort in trying to help people. At one point, you kind of expect them to do the same for others, and when you see they don’t, well…


Good idea! I’m open to suggestions. I wrote out a bit of a vision if someone wants to summarize or write something good. Bonus points if you can do it in the form of a haiku


The only real way to get good community response is to set the example and the tone of the site. If the tone is set that only insiders can comment and make threads, then newcomers just won’t do it.

If people feel welcome to ask simple questions and get good simple answers, then people will do that. I think there’s a huge whole in the world of places that will let people ask simple questions and get simple answers. Some questions just don’t require discussion.

Maybe if there was a heavily moderated section where people could ask questions and any ridiculous discussions just got erased, that would be hugely helpful. If I asked a question about the merits of coil winding on a guitar pickup, I’d love to get an answer rather than a bunch of people saying “The tone is in the fingers.”


I guess to add to this. I think one of the major downfalls of RR was that it became too much of a clique. Everybody knew each other, and anyone new coming in felt like an outsider. That’s hard to avoid when you have people who hang around and participate in discussions, because you definitely don’t want to avoid that. But if there was a section where people could post and not worry about whether they are doing it right, it would be great.

It’s perfectly ok to have a portion of the userbase be transient, and I think it’s important to cater to that crowd a bit, without sacrificing the steady crowd.


I don’t believe this can be avoided. But not sure how you make newcomers understand that they are welcome to ask anything in any way. We used to welcome people and tell them that, but not sure that message was getting across.


Lol. Ya think?

We I and my buddies showed there, we were welcomed at first. Then the gradual pushback from some people. A few balked immediately. They tried to dismiss us with their seniority and assumptions about our intentions or lack of expertise. And it didn’t seem like it was about anything we said or did, but more just because we weren’t in with the in crowd. And we’re fine with that. We get it. A bunch of weirdos just showing up to a very small close-knit site with deep-rooted history and like-minded community looks weird. We didn’t fit in, but we weren’t hurting anything either.

You can avoid doing that to others with this new venture.


I’m not sure how exactly. I don’t see a beginners section on here, but it would be nice to have a place where people could ask “what is the difference between cardioid and omni” and not feel dumb for asking.


Having people come to know one another is unavoidable, and as Boz said, indeed we don’t want to avoid that. My approach is to be inclusive, that’s for sure, always has been and I see no reason to change that. So disappointing, but I guess not totally surprising, to hear that Greg & friends felt unwelcome from anyone. Well, here’s our chance to do better. :slight_smile:


To be fair, I’m wondering why you came (not trying to be aggressive, here, please note!).
I mean you’re mostly posting in your own thread, which has become so humongous that I don’t see how anyone would dare get into… I mean 41 pages of you people exchanging about tones? I don’t mind as such, and you are passionate about it so it’s cool, but I wonder what any others are going to get out of it? It could all be done in a news group if all you want is to keep your discussion to yourself. You talk about a clique but you’ve simply created your own without trying to interact much with anything else.
And I still wonder why you don’t create new posts with specific topics instead of one looooong thread? That would be more engaging to others, don’t you think?


Quite a few of your RR brethren chimed in and played along, so I don’t see what the big deal is. I don’t see why that thread or the very idea of that thread threatened or offended anyone. One guy objected immediately, but he’s an idiot, so who cares? It’s about recording guitars. Recording. Guitars. Capturing a musical instrument and all the stuff that goes with it. It’s not like it’s totally off topic. Maybe some of you guys didn’t/don’t like it because we didn’t come wanting your help, but instead came to just coexist and find a new home. I’m the one that chose RR because I thought it looked like a good community of people that actually recorded music. I should have known such a small place would be very guarded and cliquey. But we meant no harm. I don’t know what else we could have done to prove our good intentions.


41 pages of exchanges is hardly something that any newcomer (or even old timer) will want to dig into.
I’m not saying it’s not fun for you all, and honestly I DON’T object to it, I’m just saying that it’s hardly beneficial to anyone but you, which is what the site was in the first place, believe it or not.
Not saying you meant (or did) any harm, but you cannot say that you’ve been participating much, can you?
The heart of RR (and I hope the heart of this new site) was always the BTR section, but I haven’t seen much of you being helpful there. That, to me, would have proven your good intentions.
But apart from that, I really don’t mind. I’m just trying to make you see the other side of the coin.
For what it’s worth :wink:


but I don’t think it really matters does it? If someone wants to have a long thread about a topic, that doesn’t prevent other topics from being created. I don’t think I ever commented in the thread, but I’m not sure that it’s existance really had any negative effect on my life. It really seems like a non-issue. Not everybody has to participate in every thread. That’s the beauty of having threads with titles.


Fair enough, but in my introduction thread, I said that I’d not be very active in bashing anyone’s recordings and I laid out my reasons. You’re the first to say anything about it, so I’ve been under the assumption that no one cares whether I “bash” or not. In that same vein, I’m not interested in anyone critiquing my own recordings, so it goes both ways. If I’m not going to critique, it’s not fair that I ask for critiques, and vice versa etc etc, and I haven’t asked anyone for anything. If you don’t think I’m giving enough, that’s fine, but I’m not taking anything either. My friends have been active as far as I can tell, but I’m not their keeper. They do what they want. As far as other participation, I’ve participated in other discussions. Well, the ones I feel that I can maybe add something. I mean, how many plug-in conversations do I need to have to be considered an active participant? Plug-ins seems to be the main course at RR. Their use, implementation, various plugs, etc. I’m not a plug-in jockey. I don’t know anything about the latest and greatest plug-ins, nor do I care, so what could I possibly offer conversations like that?

Whether or not that thread is helpful is up to the individual. I know it’s helped people. And some people don’t want anything to do with it. It’s fine either way.