My vision for this site

My vision for this site


I’ve shared some bits and pieces along the way, but I thought I’d try to concentrate those thoughts on one topic and get your opinions.

Initially, this site was a collaboration between a few of us to hopefully salvage what has been a fantastic community at Recording Review. As we’ve dedicated some time and effort into testing some different possibilities, those of us involved have really grown to enjoy, not only this software in terms of usability, but the potential that we see in how much more we can do with the site.

As I see it, many of us from RR have grown beyond that initial (early) learning phase of recording and mixing and have either lost some of that drive or have hit a point of wanting to take their craft (of making music) to the next level. That’s what I’m envisioning here.

I think there are plenty of sites out there for learning recording and mixing, but frankly the majority of them (GSlutz in particular) are nothing more than (as I see it) a bunch of guys lined up at a wall of urinals, sizing each other up. Recording Review ushered in a place where that kind of nonsense was called out for what it is. I had found my home :wink:

My thought on what this site could look like is taking what RR was, and applying it to the entire process of creating and sharing music. Not everyone is as excited about the mixing process, but they have super valuable input on their instrument, or they may have great producing tips, or songwriting help. Recording and mixing is fun stuff (to me), but if the song itself isn’t going to speak to anyone, then it just goes back to the “polishing a turd” thing. :poop:

I’m hoping to see a lot of interaction with bands and artists that are creating and sharing their music on here, and helping each other fine-tune their craft. That’s ultimately what I’d love to see from here.

Cool features of this forum to share with everyone

I jumped ship two days ago: I no longer make my daily visits to RR. The place is NOT as welcoming or fresh as this place.
Well done: I come here now instead.


If I could throw in my 2 cents… I’ve been a member of a few forums aimed at recording and mixing. I gave up on them all for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the “pro” members attitude just put me off. When I would ask a noob question it would many times receive sarcastic comments. Secondly, I didn’t see my constructive stuff going on there, but people slamming each other. I’ve spent time on Reddit’s audio engineering sub, it’s good but not concentrated enough.

So if there’s a site where you can genuinely ask amateur questions and not have to put up with abuse from other members, I’d be on the site all day. If the site could actually foster a little collaboration and even (dare I say) allow each other to make mistakes I’d be incredibly happy.


The majority of us on here come from very similar background and we’re eager to help others have a better experience than what you described and we are all too familiar with.

Sounds like you found home :wink:


Everyone starts somewhere. Expeience usually just means folks have made a few more mistakes they can warn you to avoid. And none of the folks I know on here will be anything but helpful.


This is a pretty accurate description of our community. Sure, there are occasionally spats between members, but overwhelmingly, folks are constructive and helpful and dick-waving is nearly nonexistent. I myself am living proof of this, because when I first joined the RR crowd in October '13, the quality of what I was producing was so woeful, and the depth of my ignorance so great. Folks in this group demonstrated patience as well as knowledge, and if anybody embodied the clueless noob asking the most basic questions, it was me. So I’m here to tellya, that exists, and the efforts to find a new landing place for that community are hugely appreciated! :beers:


Wanted to also add something prompted by @Greg_L in another thread, about how different the format here is from any other forum. It is really growing on me now that I’ve started to get used to it, and reading the nifty capabilities shows how it could be a definite spark for keeping things moving-- that seems to be the clear intent of the design choices, to counteract the very fadeout Greg is referring to on the part of internet forums in general.

The only social media I do is Facebook, and it’s just for family and actual, flesh & blood friends & colleagues, I don’t do all the other platforms at all. So I don’t know how much of this design comes from those kinds of places. But things seem promising at this stage, the site does seem to be accreting members steadily…


I think you’ve found your new home!


@holster great vision!

Yes a welcoming and helpful atmosphere is at the heart of this creation. I would love to be able to find some dumb way to reward people that help out and contribute in this community, it would encourage people to get in there and help out their fellow users.

I know the core people from RR are very generous with advice and help, but even over there it died off. I wish generosity and being helpful was an inherent quality in everyone, but it is not. Some people need a little encouragement to help out and I do not think that is too selfish of them to want that. I mean it is only easy going to work knowing you will get paid at the end of the week, try keeping that up while working for free.

Now I am not saying paying people to help out, but find some dumb way that will ,not only build this mindset, but maintain it over the lifetime of this site. The main reason that giving nature died over at RR is because the few people ,that did help, got burnt out with the workload. Creating a system that will motivate people to help will lessen the workload as a community. Yes it is small now, but when this little sparkle goes bang-bang! 20 people might get overwhelmed.

I also would like a “services or help showcase” topic somewhere in the catagories that would let a user reply in it by naming off all the ways they can help out. Something like:

Hello I am @tonetucktommy , I am a master with “studio one” , I have built a semi-professional studio in my home and making a decent living, I help out a local venue with live sound and have contacts in my area to help get your band heard if you are around me.

I know it sounds like the introduce me thing, but I am thinking more “yellow pages directory”.

Anyways keep writing fools! Love, cpt


O cptn… you are SO weird…
It is strangely entrancing…
O… is that the best emoticon I can find?
(rhetorical question)
yes… that cool sunglasses thing is similarly strangely comforting…


[quote=“cptfiasco, post:9, topic:185”]
Now I am not saying paying people to help out, but find some dumb way that will ,not only build this mindset, but maintain it over the lifetime of this site. The main reason that giving nature died over at RR is because the few people ,that did help, got burnt out with the workload. Creating a system that will motivate people to help will lessen the workload as a community. Yes it is small now, but when this little sparkle goes bang-bang! 20 people might get overwhelmed.[/quote]

So are you talking about “merit badges” for members who are particularly helpful? My only concern is that seems a recipe for popularity contests; who decides who gets what award for what action? I think most folks are either willing to give of their expertise or they’re not. Just thinking out loud here, not trying to discourage the notion, just poking at what its shape might be.


These badges are already set up in the software, there is a bunch of them, and are automatically awarded by the software


Yes, I get that, I was asking if you are envisaging additional ones over and above the ones the site awards automatically, and on what basis. :cactus:


Alright I am onboard now, ha! My intial gut feeling is not badges, but maybe could be a start?. I do not even know if holster is able to create his own unique ones ? Or how would we implement them in a way that is honest and not causing popularity contests.

The big vision I see is a token based prize system. Every good deed (which would have to be defined) earns 1 token. Collect…?..50 tokens get a small prize, collect a 1000…get even a greater one. Now it would be great to find sponsors for all of this (that is where @BigAlRocks marketing comes in) , since I cannot put my money where my mouth is ha!

My biggest thing, from over at RR ,is …well look at this introduction page:

This is horrible! People get 100+ views and no replies, I wish this does not happen here.

Look at this from btr :

Another case of “please do not let this happen”


How are those “views” counted though? Back at the board I used to frequent, people constantly lamented that their threads would get hundreds of views with no replies. The thing was, most of those “views” were google bots and ad spiders. It wasn’t hundreds of actual unique visits totally ignoring the thread. I don’t know if that happens everywhere, but I guess it’s a possibility and not really an indicator of a totally indifferent member base.


You have a point, it may not be views by users, but there are still low number of responses or zero in some cases.


Yeah, this is a tough one. Reward systems are inherently susceptible to being gamed. I’m a teacher by profession, my day job as it were. In that field we are dealing now with motivation and reward, and how it applies to schools in general. One thing we find over and over is that when students have a personal connection with what they are doing they will put in more effort and achieve more regardless of the reward. In other words virtue is its own reward! I think the more we all can collaborate and see the fruits of our collective labor, the more motivated we would be to help each other.


I think this nails it. But I do like elements of @cptfiasco’s idea too. I think the personal connection will resonate with many on both sides of the interactions. Another thought I had as I read through this was perhaps we could have an annual “Grammy Awards” of sorts. We can make some categories… ie, Song of the Year, Collaboration of the Year, Producer, Mixer, and make an ultimate Uber-Deluxe Member of the Year (most helpful, etc) and have a nomination process and some cool prizes. I could see some sponsors getting on board with something like that. It could be less of a contest and more of a recognition of the contributors that make such a cool community.
It’s a thought.


I agree with your fundamental point. I also agree about bots and spiders. But you all miss THE largest cointributing factor.
People who visit the site and look at posts get counted as views on most systems. If they ain’t reigestered on THIS forum, there is no reply button showing. Same on Brnadon’s site.

If an outsider views, we see the numbner, but unless they are driven inwards, they may think about replying, not be arsed with registering and move on.


There are actually settings to allow anonymous responding but that doesn’t seem wise to me. But I also noticed that I could enable other accounts to automatically work here (i.e., Facebook, google+, etc). That might encourage spectators to step in.