Login Broken (update) - WORKS NOW :)

Login Broken (update) - WORKS NOW :)
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Hey guys, just a quick announcement. The login feature on the plugin is temporarily broken. If you are already logged in, it should not be an issue, but if you log out, there’s no way to log back in. Bryan is working on the issue right now, so if you can’t log in, don’t panic.

Please add us on social media for announcements, etc


Thanks Boz, I noticed the site being unavailable a little while ago, but we seem to be back in bidness, as the edited subject line says… Thanks for posting the status!


Thank you @bozmillar!

I did an update last night and broke the login button in the process. I was still logged in so I didn’t realize it wasn’t working. Thanks also to @Coquet-Shack for bringing this to my attention!

Anyway, I was able to fix the problem and all is well now. If you still can’t log in, just refresh the page and/or clear cache and it should work for you now. Thanks!!!



Also, in response to this, I wanted to update everyone about out social media accounts so that you can always message us on there if you experience any issues :wink: