Interested in promoting your services?

Interested in promoting your services?
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Haha! Happens to me a lot with the guitar shop too.

Anyway, @Danny_Danzi, would you be into this concept of having a profile section where you can list services you provide? They could contact you by email etc from there. We’re kicking around this idea instead of having a “classified” section for the forum. Those never seem to work.


And yeah, Danny, I’d consider you “beyond” having to do that. But yet some people are going to ask for that. You’d think that once they saw the talent they’d be blown away. But for some that’s not enough … perhaps nothing is enough! It all moves into the “marketing” arena at some point!


Those were just examples hence the “etc” meaning, not only these people, but a few others as well have a proven track record. I wasn’t looking for an analysis of their styles - I’m extremely familiar with what they do well… (BTW, I recall quite a few of @Paul999 mixes being posted in the early days of RR on BTR)…

My point is, lets not make this some kind of legal document with a big disclaimer and small print. There’s no need… A recommendation is a recommendation is a recommendation (Not to put too fine a point on it!)… Its a free world, and we’re all grownups. :slight_smile:


I actually didn’t have a problem with it Stan. I think if people are doubting, by all means I can share. I just thought it was funny that I had never been asked to share my work…and the one time I did, I never even heard back from the guy. Lol!

In a world where lies and deceit rule especially on the net, I wouldn’t expect anyone to just take me at my word if they didn’t know me. But like what was said earlier, I’d not even take on the job if there was a chance for failure or a completely unhappy client.

I have no problems telling someone I can’t work with them. I thankfully don’t need the money bad enough to just take on people for the sake of a paycheck.

That’s not meant in a cocky way…it means I never do this stuff to take money from people that I know I may not be able to help or make a blatant enough difference to where I would make them happy. Not only that, but if something is out of my league…I have no problems saying so.

One thing you get with me is honesty as well as always being on a mission to please. If something doesn’t sound right to me, it doesn’t leave. We both have to be happy in my realm…and sometimes that goes against me. Oh well…as long as I can sleep at night…I’m fine with that. :wink:


hey holster, I would really appreciate this idea… maybe a page showing example of work/mixes and write what they offer.


Whatever way you choose to go, your main problem will be traffic/footfall, i.e. paying customers.

Having a great idea and attempting to implement it is vastly different to implementing something that actually works and generates revenue for its participants.

I don’t mean this in a negative way, I’m just advising as someone who makes a living both from the internet and in the sound recording industry, that the most difficult part of the operation is securing paying customers, and perhaps that’s where the initial focus should be. I will help in any way I can.

Also, I don’t think you need any kind of grading system, other than the site owner/admin deciding who he will allow to provide services. If someone I knew wanted to come here for a service, I would be able to tell them exactly who to consider, and who not to consider, and I’m sure any long-standing member would be able to do the same. That is one of the strengths the forum has over other services, so it should be harnessed IMO.

BTW I’m not limited to metal/rock. You can’t always post stuff that you’ve recorded when paying clients are involved, and also, when you are running a studio you don’t get to choose the genre. I’m as comfortable with rap, EDM, punk and musical theatre as I am with rock and metal.:slight_smile:


Yeah I think that’s a pretty cool idea, holster. Either way is cool…classifieds or having like a registry. I’m just happy to be here. :slight_smile:


There might be a little bit of a hangup here on semantics. Maybe rather than calling it a rating, it would be better to just have a page of guys offering services whom the site certified as being very good at what they do. There are lots of talented people here, so for someone from the outside, the hurdle would be picking who they wanted to work with on a particular project, not finding someone with the skills. The names that Andrew and Stan have mentioned would certainly be a big part of that, and the page could help the end user determine the best fit based on what the guys wanted to offer and how they do business.
For instance, I’m sure some guys don’t have the time to do a personalized tutorial for someone trying to learn compression, since their calendar is full of complete projects. Some of the guys trying to learn may just want extensive notes on how to fix a mix from someone whose ears they trust, rather than trying to put 15 opinions from BTR together. Again, that might not interest some of the engineer/producers who are busy, but it could be a perfect fit for someone else, and it could lead to further collaboration down the line.
Either way, with the amount of talent floating around here, there a plenty of people the site could recommend, and let the user determine the best way to go from there. People who have been hanging around here and RR already know who to go to, but as the site attracts more new users a page that gave them access to some of that talent would be very useful.


This discussion is running around in circles because we have no clarification on what we are ultimately trying to accomplish by launching this sub-section of the site.

The other questions will answer themselves when someone steps in and defines the main objective.

#1) Someone - describe in ONE clear concise sentence WHY are even thinking about doing this.

Promoting services doesn’t say shit. The first question will add clarity to WHAT it is we it is we are ~actually~ talking about doing.

Our dicks are so far ahead of our condomns right now (or carts and horses, whatever). We’re trying to tackle a HOW question before having a firm grasp on the ‘what’ and ‘why’. The ‘who is this for’ question also derives from the ‘what’ question.


At this point, my question was purely to gauge interest and get ideas of what it would LOOK like. There were no defined timelines. That’s not to say you don’t have a valid point. We can’t just be a site of sellers, and that’s not the plan either :wink:


Long term, I’d love to see us have a similar way to feature completed music/albums on here also. This should, in turn, draw more artists and bands to want to participate, but that’s another topic for another day


This pretty much nails it right there. And we really appreciate your willingness to help!


Thank you. We’re collectively brainstorming at this point. Fair enough.

I would be quite sad if this site turned into a directionless hodgepodge of half assed ideas. Thats anything that isn’t executed with top notch functionality and/or isn’t focused on contributing to the overall scope of this site. Its ok to let a good idea be pushed to the back burner because despite the validity, it just doesn’t fit the framework of this forum community.

If this gets closer to materializing this, decide if:

-you want to the services promo sub to be a dating site. Where artists meet producers and producers meet engineers. You don’t want feedback systems if thats the case. That’s a social networking format. NOT online marketing.

-decide if its a service to help young bands along or if the focus is really on helping engineers find work. They’re very different. If your objective is to help younger bands, the site needs to play a more proactive roll to get them matched with the right producer. One helps guide the bands to the ‘best fit’ producer, the other cares not if engineers cannibalise an inept buyer with marketing nonsense.

-Or perhaps the FIRST and predominate function of the engineer add promo is to pull traffic to the site. Then your foremost concern becomes the conversion ratio. Thats the percentage of artists that visit IRD to shop engineers remain in the community and continue to participate. The contests actually seem to be working.

-Also consider deliberately positioning the services offered in said IRD engineer promo section to target new web traffic from a specific market segmentation. In that case you need to require engineer adds to follow tighter formats in how they advertise. If the freelance engineer adds aren’t tailored to appeal to that specific segmentation, you’re completely wasting your time.

-decide if you would rather brand this corner of the site around the diversity and autonomy of mixers services, or you want to brand on . One is a showcase approach, where each engineer is required to present a complete, accurate, current portfolio and bio. And their adds are a reflection of a quality standard of this site. The other lets engineers post whatever the hell they want, at whatever quality level they want. With one approach, IRD presents engineers in a polished package on a silver plate. The other approach serves a buffet with prime rib and dog poo-poo all on the same isle.


This shouldn’t even have to happen unless @holster subscribes to a completely free-for-all add placement process. This of course determined by what he wants to accomplish by adding this section to the forum.

If he DOES go in a direction where there is tighter criteria to post the add, for the purpose of quality control, and the person can’t tell from a sufficiently detailed promo adds from the engineers, then that exposes a problem with the criteria system for posting the add.


well, one idea that I threw out there was to reinstate the “certified badass” title from RR and have a certain set of criteria that members meet to become certified. THEN, when a member becomes certified, it would open up the door to things like having a profile like we are discussing, or other benefits.


Ok, here I go. I am 68. I still love making songs. I haven’t ever tried to promote them. I am looking to pay someone to:

  1. listen to a list of my songs and earmark the ones that have potential
  2. take those same songs to a higher level…remix/master
    The list that Stan composed above would be invaluable for direction because I don’t have a clue on a selection process
    I would be more than happy to financially contribute to a site like this that has built in help choices
    Sorry if this note doesn’t exactly fit the conversation




No apologies needed! It’s great to know where people are coming from :slight_smile:
Thank you!!!


I just want to chime in and point out that @Jonathan has some really really good points here. It’s really really easy for a brainstorming session to get off point. No matter what you end up doing, you always have to keep this basic questions at the forefront:

What problem are you trying to solve?

Once you have that question answered, then you can ask yourself: What is the simplest solution to solving that problem?

If you try solving all problems, you end up with a big mess that doesn’t work. When creating a system that is designed to be used by lots and lots of people, you are going to have to fight the urge to listen to individual ideas. Ideas are easy. Everybody has them. And most of them are good ideas. What people usually don’t have is solutions to problems. They have solutions to their own problems, but that’s not the same thing.

What I would do first is put a button at the top of the site that says “Sell/buy services” or whatever it is that you want the page to do, and have it go to a page that says “Coming soon.” That’s it. That will take 5 minutes to do. Then measure how many people actually click on the button. You will learn a lot about what people actually want by doing that. If lot’s of people click, you know it’s something people may want. If nobody clicks, then you need to scrap the idea and come up with something new. Or phrase it differently. Or something.

But trying to figure out details before you know if there’s even a problem is going to cause you a lot of work that will end up not being used. That’s the worst case scenario.


I think this is awesome. I think the key is if we start getting more players and recording artists onto the site. Then we have buyers and sellers co-mingling. Perhaps a songwriting contest is in order. Maybe the prize is that the “Best Song” goes into a mixing contest and the artist gets to choose their favourite mix.


I was contemplating the same idea! It’s a matter of getting that out to the masses though. Which may or may not be challenging.