Interested in promoting your services?

Interested in promoting your services?
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The articles and merch pages for this site are done on Wordpress, and there are a number of plugins available for it. One solution I was just looking at is “ultimate member”. Here is a screenshot.

There are different options that we can include in the profile pages, and it appears to have good search capability. I like the dropdown options too. The screenshots show that off a bit. Rather than sorting by “gender”, etc, we could sort by Mixing, Mastering, Songwriting, etc. Sorting by budget would be good.


That would work fine.


Apparently there are plugins within it that available also, including one for woocommerce, so you could actually sell your widgits and services on your own profile pages. That’d be cool also.


Ok. That could work. At first I was picturing a disorganized mess of crap looking like Craigslist or the movie/gaming forums. I see.

…those wordpress profiles would be integrated into the site…Not our own separate freestanding webpages…correct?

That could also be not good… +1 for sticking with free and paid

I say forget about mastering. Let the mix engineer communicate on a case-by case on that one. I think you should just start with the mixing category and see if a real demand for another type of surface arises naturally. If you instead on doing subclasses, I would go Mixing, Producing, and Teaching.

Do we even ~have~ an active member that bills hours as a mastering engineer?


Yeah, I was really wanting to avoid that look/feel.


I’m certainly open to suggestions on which categories. I’ll probably populate a dropdown list of a number of options for their profile and I can base the menus on which ones get used the most. If that makes sense.

I believe @Danny_Danzi does. Seems like we have a couple so far. I’ll let him answer that one :wink:


OK, I know I’m terminally unhip, but… woocommerce?

I assume you’re not talking about this guy:


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Just weighing in a little further on this idea:

Since a lot of members here have been with us since RR days for 10 years or more, if some were to take advantage of this idea, it would be great to have some sort of recommendation rating based on their work, since it is a known quantity among the members here.

Thinking from a potential customer’s perspective, perhaps one of hardest things for someone who has never used any recording/mixing/mastering service, is to have confidence that they will get great results when approaching someone they don’t personally know.

Just throwing it out there that we have the network in place already to implement this kind of referral system.


@ColdRoomStudio, love that idea!


Me too. I would be more than happy to provide testimonials, for whatever they would be worth…


Yep mix/master engineer here. What can I do for you guys?


While on one hand I think that’s probably a very good idea, I would also say there should be a ‘caveat’ that some sort of ‘certification’ process should be implemented before issuing ratings of any sort. All of us are continually growing, and what we did over a period of the last 5-10 years may not be representative of what we are capable of today. And once a “reputation assessment” is put out on the interwebs, it’s there forever even if it gets updated at the source. Without some sort of certification standard, or some interdependent criteria, a person’s capabilities could be over-assessed or under-assessed in any particular area based on limited information and the limited experience of others.

That said, I think putting a certification standard in place could be a lot of work for someone to manage. It’s on the level of creating an Association or Society for the advancement of a craft. Typically you would pay some kind of dues ($) to support that, and endeavor to meet the certification criteria. Something like that may already exist (i.e. AES), or could be created specifically for this community.


Wow, so Pete Townsend was right: “The simple things you see are all complicated” :sweat_smile: :dizzy_face: :rolling_eyes: Methinks you’re thinking just a bit too hard about this, Stanno! :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s my specialty. :blush: My point is that if you (or anybody) are going to categorize and “rate” people there should be some standard of fairness involved and some way to manage that. While I thought the concept mentioned by @stefanw was quite good, anything dependent on opinions and reviews is by necessity subjective and perhaps skewed and flawed by opinion. If there are certain standards we can agree on that transcend “bias” then we’re getting closer to offering a fair system for global understanding. The “star” rating system has its merits, but also its flaws. Same with mixing contests. :rolling_eyes: If you can define an expected outcome, and metrics that apply to that expected outcome, I think you’re closer to the goal. Of course, mixing may be like cooking and restaurants where it’s all subjective. Ironically, I’m suggesting a scientific approach if that’s at all possible.


I really do believe you’re over-complicating things, Stan. All I’m suggesting is a system whereby members could recommend the work of others…

Eg: If anyone asked me about getting a mix done by any of the following members: @brianinogang, @AJ113, @Paul999, @Danny_Danzi etc etc, I could thoroughly recommend their work. Why? I’ve heard it and it is consistently good.

On the other hand, would their work be an exact match to the artist’s tastes? Who knows? That’s wide open… But at least a positive recommendation is a start… That’s simply what I’m talking about…


If it’s only opinions and recommendations, then yes that may be fine. I’m sure I have a different perspective than you do (as we all have our own) and so my question is “how does someone look at disparate opinions and find a coherent viewpoint”.

I checked out and yes it is very subjective as to how people present themselves and how they can “market” themselves to you. I find that the person’s name/handle has a certain bias, their photo/headshot has a certain bias, their “bio” had a certain bias, and their “demo” tracks have a certain bias. (at least from my own perspective) I found that the least qualified actually sounded pretty good, and the most qualified left me doubting (in some cases). It’s all over the place. I’m just suggesting that any ‘system’ be somewhat well-thought-out rather than off-hand and only opinion based.

I’m probably going out on a limb here, but based on the forum users you mentioned I have these particular viewpoints (which are my own and perhaps quite different than yours) and are just to illustrate how anyone might see such things in a certain light:

@brianinogang is obviously quite talented, and could be a go-to for certain projects. My experience is that he has worked with many diverse acts and sometimes struggles with how to present that act in an appropriate way based on style. That said, my understanding is that he is based in the Philippines and is working with Tagalog vocalists (and perhaps others) that are pretty eclectic to many Westerners. Very strong on Metal genres. Just something to consider.

@AJ113 is by definition mixing NWOBHM material and his own band Salem, as well as more diverse acts as time goes on. He has established himself as an authority in his own right on how studio procedures should be handled, and I respect him for that. Not everyone agrees with his methods, but that’s okay. I agree with him most of the time, and would give him a high recommendation in areas he has shown himself to be proficient in.

@Paul999 is a high ranker for his knowledge and participation in RR over the years. He was a moderator there and also here at IRD. I consider his opinions top notch and worthy of consideration on all levels. He is a businessman and has built an admirable studio space in several incarnations. He is quite knowledgeable, but is also humble in always seeking a better way to do things. While I was blown away with his “bass guitar” demo track (some years ago on RR), I don’t recall any BTR mixing experiences to rate his talent on in that area.

@Danny_Danzi has achieved mythic status at RR and also here at IRD. Obviously, Danny has carved his own niche and expertise, per his memorable long forum posts which almost defy comprehension and retain-ability. :slight_smile: I was blown away by Danny’s production of his own material some years ago, but despite his descriptions of his methods and values of mixing and mastering I dont’ think we have heard examples of such in order to “rate” those talents. Just saying. I would probably recommend him for anything just based on his own confidence, knowing that he would tell someone “this is not a good fit” if he couldn’t help them. That aspect in itself is huge: what are your principles in what you will or will not do based on the provider/client relationship!

Everyone is different. And we can celebrate that. But for the unaware, I think that some sort of leveling the playfield can only help someone who is oblivious, to start to make some kind of choice!


Danny! Good to see you! We were just discussing the idea of having an area where people could list services they provide and it was asked if any Mastering engineers jumped in over here. :wink:


We could re-introduce the “Certified Badass” title for folks on here that meet certain criteria that we set up. I wouldn’t want to over-complicate it, but having a standard like that and leave it up to those making profiles to show evidence of work etc. seems like that’d suffice.

At this point, there is a big enough group here that know each other well and I’m confident that could recognize the ability of new folks around here fairly quickly and could make recommendations etc


Good to see you too. Pretty good stuff going on here. Hey thanks for the kind words up there guys. :slight_smile:

You know it’s.funny…I’ve never given any samples of my work to anyone all the years I’ve been doing this stuff because I’ve really never been.asked. I kid you not.

I get a guy that mails me in January of this year. Asks for samples of my work. We get along great, I send him like 25+ tunes. Both my own and others I’ve done. Both mixing and mastering. I never heard from him again lol!