Interested in promoting your services?

Interested in promoting your services?
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If it were easy to promote your own services on here (mixing, mastering, producing, etc), how many would be interested? And what would that look like to you? Just curious.


Hey holster,

I would really appreciate and welcome this idea! Think that’ll be a great one!
Something like a stripped down version of (this “other” quite popular site with this kind of stuff…don’t know if I’m allowed here to name it :slight_smile: )



Yes :+1:


You are totally welcome to name names here. No worries :wink:

Also, I’m drawing a blank. Which SB are you referring to?


Oh! :slight_smile: alright! just wanted to make sure staying polite :wink:
Well, I mean Do you know that one?
I really like their concept and also the whole process is really hassle-free and utterly straight forward.
You have a quite informative profile with everything from basic things like CV, pictures, audio files, “gear highlights”, etc. even reviews (from your actual sb-customers as well as external ones) can be listed. I’m not affiliated with them but love such an idea :wink:


I didn’t but I’ll check it out. Thanks!


I think it would be a great thing to do, not as one who has any services to provide, but as one who might just want to avail myself of some (hmm, that sounds mildly kinky). A good way to blend in the biz side with the recording side. Good luck!


I’m new here, and here because I want to learn to mix better. I would suspect that most who visit here are in the same category (??), although it does seem that some of you are quite accomplished, so maybe that observation is premature. Along those lines though - I think the “audience” is mostly limited to other engineers/hobbyists/DIYers. I only found this site because of the Boz contest…

What about a “classifieds” or “services requested” type area where say, songwriters or collaborators could post what they’re looking for and the members here could respond in kind? Just throwing out some alternative ideas…


Well, it’s great to have you here! I think you’ll find a pretty even mix of all levels here as you get to know folks on here.

Regarding the classified section, we have one on here and many forums do, but it’s a dying model and not very effective, so I’d like to see us implement something bigger and better


Thanks - I’m enjoying poking around. :slight_smile:

“Classified” was the wrong term, more like the “services wanted” or something msimilar? Classifieds are tough because things are so global now. I recently searched for and hired out Mastering services. My particular guy got consideration because he offered a “free” sample of your song. In that regard, a forum setting is ideal because multiple folks could post their samples… I don’t know, like I said, just throwing ideas out there.

You know, now that I think about it, it would be handy to have a list of services and contacts to pick from… I’ll stop derailing your thread now. Good idea!!


Can we each create a page where we can show examples of our work and write what we can offer?


You’re not derailing. It’s great stuff! I’m totally open to ideas and thoughts on this one.


That’s what I’d love to see, but I’m not sure what would be the best way to implement it


That’s where all this web stuff becomes a huge pain.There are lots of systems out there that let you have a profile page like this. And there are lots of great systems out there that let you have a forum. But getting the two to integrate becomes almost impossible. that’s the thing I hate most about any CRM system.


I think I’m a couple steps closer with some stuff I’m working on, but yeah, it is certainly challenging!


Sounds good


I think it would be great, although I would not be a services provider. Maybe charging a modest fee to generate income for the site would be appropriate. I can see some of the guys offering one on one mixing consultations on individual tracks, and of course full mixing and mastering services, but that’s just the beginning. Anything that gets members collaborating is great for the site. It would also be great to have access to people who would know how to effectively promote some of the great stuff that comes out of the BTR section.


I wouldn’t do much good at the moment, but it could be a step in a good direction. To promote a service, you gotta target the buyer, not other sellers. However…if you were to create a page clients could visit and post classifieds like “Engineer wanted for my project”, that might pick up, depending on your plan for drawing people to it. Ideally, we want more people posting for ‘mix engineer needed’ than there are engineers on the site :smiley:

I would think about this though, as if it were a building with limited real-estate and floor space. I would pull that section off if it doesn’t pick up, because any portion of a website forum that unused works against you.

If you do this, I’d strongly recommend forcing the poster to clarify if the job is paid or not. I wanna know their budget up front. That can save everyone a lot of time. If you allowed the studios to solicit services, I don’t think this group will relentlessly spam the classifieds. However, I noticed that film and video game forums have trouble with this, and have had to enforce strict rules regarding what audio engineers can and can’t post.


Yes, it seems it would be easy to abuse… It seems you’d want a system where the person needing the services can see his/her options and make inquiries, rather than having some poor guy hop on and post “I need a song mixed” and get dog piled by hungry engineers and studios and engineer wanna-be’s.


I agree. I’d much rather see us implement a solution where engineers, etc can create their own profile pages, listing services, rough pricing, samples, etc. and potential leads can contact them directly.