Indie Recording Depot Sunday Boost in Activity

Indie Recording Depot Sunday Boost in Activity


Has anyone noticed that the traffic through here on Sundays is astounding. I’m usually the only person on, or there are at most two other people. The peak today that I saw was eleven users, and it’s a trend I’ve been noticing for weeks. Is there something about going to church that makes people feel the need to come back to the forum? Is a religious experience?


??? church?

…If I’m not mistaken, I think the majority of people here are atheists…and I work all day on Sundays. It may have been busier because its everyone else’s day off lol.


I noticed a bump in activity too. I’m hoping to get on here quite a bit more now that my schedule is freeing up a bit. Hopefully I can keep stirring in more traffic :slight_smile:


I love this place. I’m trying to be more active. The last month has been less than stellar on a “personal family situation” level. Things seem to be getting better.


Jeez! just looked at the activity over the last month. I still can’t believe that the high end shootouts are getting the majority of traffic hits. I bet we could light this place up with gear comparison articles, but in the middle of getting that other (under the table) marketing project put together for the site, I just don’t have time to film meaningful demonstrations and get thorough content written.


You’ve got to take everything I say with a grain of salt, there’s probably something sarcastic underneath the surface.


Some things people say on here make me say “Oh my God” … does that count?

While that seemed to be the case on RR, I haven’t really seen much discussion of it on here. Then again, maybe it depends on what you mean by “majority” (51%?). Me, I’m “spiritual but not religious”. :grin: Who votes for that?

Hang in there Al, life frequently throws us challenges. It’s how we deal with them that defines our character, even when it doesn’t allow for as much personal time or enjoyment as we’d like. Glad to hear you’re seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.

Ha, I figured that out a long time ago. :wink:


Yeah, I don’t know what conclusion he’s basing that off of. I’m Unitarian Tibet Buddhist. I’m into that Indian dude that never stands in any picture or drawing of him. He doesn’t need to use his legs to kick any other God’s ass.


I didn’t know there was such a thing. But that’s the cool part about being “spiritual but not religious” is you can make it anything you want. :sunglasses:

Some of us are hoping there’s actually only one. :wink:


Yeah, you can make up anything you want. Just like the people who Frankenstein stitched the Bible together. It’s all hogwash. All religionsales are cults, some just gain mass acceptance. Kinda freaky to worship anything in my opinion.