Genelec 8020c pair as new

Genelec 8020c pair as new


Selling my new monitors as i never get time to use my studio othervthan late at night then its headphones only.

Brand new condition hardly played through, doubt they even run in yet!
Origional boxes.


Any idead on best way for mevto post them?

Open to SENSIBLE offers from you guys otherwise i’m putting them on ebay. Cheers


I’m not sure if there is a UK version of the site, but I’d check out for selling those too! Their selling fees a dramatically lower. Not sure if it’s an option though.


Thanks @holster will do (notforgotten about those guitar riffs justnot had a free min mate. Sorry)


No worries! I’ll make a thread of what my objective is/was. I’d love to get everyone’s input on it.


well this add had zero enquiries! this site is pretty dead in the water no?


Oh come on. Jonathon enjoys it.


My comment was uncalled for. I was just having one of those nights. Sorry everyone