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Forum ideas / brainstorm
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I just tried again and it’s still happening, it’s the 3rd post of Science Nerdliness. It’s a Livestream video link, and the YouTube ones that others have posted don’t do that to me on FF. Maybe that’s the difference. Just FYI.

The Find function is probably a much bigger deal for me. [U]And there’s [S]no[/S] underline for text?[/U] That’s about as basic as you can get for word processing …


@Stan_Halen. Underline is available, through html tags. Edit your post to see it.


Ay Ay, Captain. Codemonkey Stan reporting for duty. :thinking: OK, thanks, it seems to also make it bold while underlining, but close enough for govt work. :thumbsup:


One other question, or comment. I found the Bookmarks feature and that is pretty cool. I actually wanted that over at RR but it didn’t seem to exist. However, we did have Subscriptions which I took to another level and fully used the feature to create subfolders where I could file threads according to topic, usefulness, etc. I don’t see anything for Subscriptions here, at least not anything I can manage. I do see that once I have viewed a thread it shows up in Unread. Unfortunately that list keeps growing and has got to the point of being a little overwhelming. Is there a way to ‘unsubscribe’ to a thread once you have viewed it or commented on it? Any way to organize Bookmarks in any particular fashion?


Great question! I haven’t explored the bookmarks feature fully yet. I’ll see what I find. There is a way to subscribe or unsubscribe from entire categories etc. I think @cptfiasco went into detail on that recently.
I’ll let you know what I find with bookmarks


Any time you post in a thread, go down to the bottom and you can change its status from “tracking” where you get all the notifications by default once you post, to “normal” or “muted” (there are a couple other choices too). That will quickly winnow out the threads you don’t want to keep getting notified about, e.g. “Hello” threads from new members where all you’ve done is greet and welcome them. Very useful.


No I added the bold with markdown. Just use [U][/U]


OK, got it, thanks!

OK, I see now that bold is done with two asterisks in front and back. The “S” is for “strikethrough” though, from what I can tell. The [U] was for underline.


Yes “U” …sorry