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Forum ideas / brainstorm
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hell no, it should be blinking brite red lol.

yeah, its ok. What would REALLY be cool if it could be automated, is to have it link to the persons last music. That way even friendly people (not just uptight competitive freaks like me) could find other peoples music quickly


Oh shitstorm, let me work out the automatic granting, not sure if the routing can be done.


I would venture to say, from my experience with the many folks here whom I’ve known for a few years, that it will be vanishingly rare for someone with no actual mixing ability or experience to pawn themselves off as some kind of authority around here. We just don’t really have any dilettantes in this bunch… so I predict this concern will fade away in fairly short order. :hourglass_flowing_sand:


This is exactly right! I think there are plenty of us that know each other around here that can easily spot the frauds. :wink:


A small thing here but when going through the posts it shows number of like at the bottom, then when you click the number of likes it opens up and shows the avatar of who indeed like the post. If those mini avatars (or usernames) were view-able all the time instead of only when clicked would be nice. I like having all post information readable without extra clicks.


Il like this sentence because this is what I think about avatar/username: there is no more info about that guy unless you click on it… I wish something more explicit, like most forum do :confused:


Looks like I may be able to accomplish this with some CSS tweaking. I think the original idea was to keep things clean looking. I get both sides of it. I’ll be seeing what I can do!


Are you referring to signatures? There are some specific reasons why signatures were left out of this software. One of the primary purposes was to reduce the amount of spamming that was occurring in forums. People would create accounts on forums and post stupid short answers with a link in their signature. Removing this function has reduced spamming a lot on other sites using this software. I see a lot of positive feedback on the Discourse (this software) forum about this.
On other forums, I’ve also seen the signatures just cause a bunch of cluttered crap. I don’t need to see your (not you :wink: ) ASCII art every time I look at a thread. That’s just my opinion.
Also, the user cards and profile pages offer a LOT more space for any kind of info that a user wants to share. I think it’s a lot cleaner, personally.
I hope that tackles what you meant. I also understand that it’s nice to see things at a quick glance, and there may be more we can do in that regard with CSS, but we’d all need to be on the same page in terms of what we’d like to see. Some folks on here are loving the clean look and don’t want a bunch of extra repeated stuff, and some would love to have it. We just need a consensus.


A vote for keeping it clean!


I also vote for keeping it clean. I didn’t think that at first; initially I missed the signatures and ancillary info floating around everyone’s posts. But after just a week or so I completely changed my mind. One or, at most, two clicks to get the full info is just not a big deal to me.

Especially now that I have become fairly familiar with a lot of folks, I don’t need to see all that on each and every post. If I want to remind myself what some member’s gear is, one or two clicks is a very small price to pay.

So my tl;dr is it ain’t broke… :beers:


It hold true for any area of the internet…and free speech. With liberty comes the right to be ignorant and post stupid shit all over the place. In the first year of law school, one way or another students runs into a law philosopher named Meiklejohn. He proposed what we call ‘town hall theory’. Its a Darwinistic sort of take on first amendment theory - says bad ideas just kind of fall to the wayside when tested against better ones, and by large the liberties of people who write stupid crap all time outweigh the consequences of attempting to control it. It also notes that the more refined the community becomes, the quicker they learn to evaluate ideas. I too agree with @Chordwainer and @holster that we don’t need an accreditation system here lol.


Keep it clean? I’m all for that, but it has already been irretrievably breached.


yeah i hear u on that one mate. agree


Nope, I saw that on another thread (about signature). I know that some really love having a long description attached to their post.
I was speaking about “basic” infos about the poster: location, experience (sort of), post counter, likes received, categories (sort of)…
For the last one, admins have one but it’s the only difference between regular members…
I don’t want to split people into categories but my brain remembers easily people when I get more infos about them. And clicking on username to see who’s who…

Well, my two cents on that topic :confused:


Ah, gotcha. I’ll see what we can come up with :wink:


Cool! :kissing:


I have tried to use the Find feature numerous times. In fact, much of the time I can’t use my Find feature in Firefox because a little box pops up automatically at the top right of IRD, and it doesn’t work well or doesn’t work as expected. I did get the IRD Find to work today, but when I ran the search hitting Enter as soon as I release the Enter key the drop-down disappeared. I solved it by holding down Enter and clicking with the mouse on the linked post with the other hand. It was kind of annoying though. Any workaround for this? I don’t see anyone else having mentioned it.

I wondered about linked videos too. There was one on the Science Nerdliness thread (3rd or 4th post I think) that would auto-play every time I opened the thread, and that was annoying too. Didn’t notice it today though, so maybe that got changed/solved?


I haven’t had anything auto-play on here before. Perhaps that is a browser setting?
I’ll try some Firefox tests!


Yea, never had autoplay myself…chrome and edge.


Stan, I had that issue only with Firefox-- when I visit Science Nerdliness on FF, that vid always starts, and it annoys me too, and I’m the one who posted the bloody thing.

I’ve recently switched over to using Chrome almost exclusively though, and didn’t realize I had stopped getting that annoying autoplay until reading your post. So I think it’s a Firefox thing.