Feeling stupid: how the heck do I edit my profile?

Feeling stupid: how the heck do I edit my profile?

Hey all, I was trying to update my profile to reflect my new location and some other info and I cannot for the life of me find anything that lets me do that. There’s no “edit profile” link in the hamburger menu, nor when I click my avatar in the upper right, choose my screen name, and then explore everything there. I can get to the “summary” and expand it to show all the stuff I want to edit, but again there are no buttons that say “edit”.

I have “admin” links in a variety of places because I’m one of the moderators, but those just take me to the site-wide tools for mods. I’ve used the search tool, scrolled through every topic in this site features category, still no joy. Feeling really dumb… how the heck do I do this??? Help meeeeee!

Tagging Bryan @holster, even though we ain’t seen him in a while…

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If I click on my avatar and then on my username at the top of the menu, I can select preferences and edit items, but cannot see anything related to location.

what JG said: click avatar, username, THEN “Profile” right under “Account”.

Oh, I know there’s no location item per se, but editing my text would allow me to change from the words I put in there myself saying where I was located.

OK, here is what I see when I do that. No “account”, no “profile”…

Is this maybe because I’m a moderator?? I can’t imagine why I get a different result than y’all do.

OK, I just stumbled across it. I went to the Summary, then hit Admin, which takes me to a moderator’s view of my info (same as I get if I click on any other user). On that page, there is a “see this user’s preferences page” in fine print next to my avatar image on that list, and that finally brought me to where I could edit my info. Clearly an awkwardness associated with my status as moderator.

Leaving this here so that next time I want to edit, I will be able to find it! Definitely non-intuitive…

Preferences/ profile , should be in there

:point_up_2::point_up_2: This! You don’t have to be an admin to edit it. :wink:

Somehow I wasn’t getting those choices where I was, but now I am… I now suspect my browser got borked up for some reason. Hence the title: feeling stupid! :smile::laughing: