Facebook bash

Facebook bash


Hey guys. A while ago I started a facebook group that was pretty much the equivalent of BTR. A bunch of people joined in and used it at first, but I kind of let it fizzle. @bholst, would you be interested in joining up forces with it to have it be an extension of this site?


For sure! That sounds great!! Lets talk about that some more


I think all it would take is giving you permissions to manage the page.


Do I need to join that page/group first?


uh, I have no idea. Here’s the group. Go ahead and join in and I’ll get you permissions. I’ll put a notification on the top of the page talking about the change, and we can change the name as well.


I’m in that group. I thought it was pretty helpful when it was alive, Mix Critique. Even got a few bashes from you, Millar. Nice idea. Sharp as a knife.