Embedded music player: seek functionality?

Embedded music player: seek functionality?
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Hi, I’ve given feedback on a few songs in the Bash this Recording section, and I’ve noticed that a lot of people seem to use a particular embedded music player that I assume is built into this forum. (The small black/grey one.) Is it possible for that to have a way to skip to a particular point in the song? I often want to repeat a particular section to double check what I’m hearing, or to be able to make a comment like, “at 1:25 I noticed xyz.” I see there’s a way to skip back 30 seconds, but that’s quite limiting. I feel that this feature would be very useful for critical listening purposes. Just a thought!


Hi Cristina - there is a slider on the player that can be used to navigate around the song freely.


Interesting! There is no slider on the players that I see. I wonder if it’s browser specific. (I’m using Safari at the moment.) I’ll check on a different computer when I have the chance.


Huh! That’s strange - I’m using Safari too (on my iPad). The slider doesn’t show until you actually play the file, though.


Yep I use the slider a lot for comparisons… usually via laptop, google chrome.


Okay, I see the slider on my desktop, on Chrome. Hmm, I guess it’s just something on my end. Maybe something is out of date on my laptop. Sorry for the confusion!