Duplicate accounts - Everyone please read

Duplicate accounts - Everyone please read


Starting today, I will be banning any accounts (including their main account) that are found to have duplicate accounts on the forum. If you have any other accounts on here other than your main account, please remove them immediately. It is VERY easy to see who has duplicate accounts (including those that use VPN or privacy services) and I won’t be flexible with this any more. We have some cool stuff coming up and I don’t need to be babysitting garbage like that. So, we’ll be changing that up. Thanks for your understanding.


Hey Bryan…quick reminder to add this to the ‘rules’ sticky if you haven’t done so already.


good point!

also, if anyone needs help cleaning up their accounts, please let me know. I’m happy to help. Other mods are also happy to help!


O gawd… now this has got me thinking… why on earth??

Well good stuff to clear it all… :beerbanger:


I think it is to be able to talk to yourself if nobody else will.


Maybe to return from the nether-realm after being banned?? :boot: :bowing_man: :wave:


Surely not!!





lol…just being stupid. But I’d think if you couldn’t get someone on THIS forum to talk to you, of all places, you ought to stop attempting to communicate altogether. Just give up.


Brian, how much time will you be allowing users with duplicate accounts to remove them before you ban all their accounts?


I’ve started the process, but I’ll be having some conversations with a few folks over the next day or so. After that, it’ll be tackled on an as-discovered basis.


After many years in the IT industry, Bryan Holster has an adept eye at spotting an indie traitor, and forever banishes them to the depths of indie hell should they disobey his commands. Bravo, Bryan. You bake 'em.


Apparently nobody else does either. This is the best pic I could find! :persevere:

babysitting garbage


Thank you for doing this Bryan. Absolutely the right step to take.


Why do people even feel the need?!
Very strange and definitely needs eradicating asap.
Nice one :+1:


i wonder who shackman will incarnate as next…